What to Do When You Relocate

What to Do When You Relocate

By SiliconIndia   |   Friday, October 28, 2011
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Bangalore: Moving over to some place better and bigger, how excited are you? All thrilled to set your new house in the best way but did you know how difficult would it be to wind things up here, at your current residence? Relocating could be a very tiresome task and needs to be well planned in order to avoid last minute hustle and confusions. You have to include everything from the small teapot to the dressing table to the cooking range, and it's not an easy task. Here are a few tips to help your shifting easier - Prepare a list Most important of all, make a list of all the chief commodities in the house on what you want to carry and what you would want to leave behind. Let this be the first step. Go to every room and note down every little item/furniture that you have in hand. Do not forget to check the attic, garage, workshop and other store rooms. Later make two separate lists - one consisting only of essentials, things that are expensive and worth carrying. Fill the other list with small unimportant items. All these items, however big/small in size will need to be packed in boxes and charged accordingly. So be practical and decide sensibly on what you would want to carry. You could donate or sell the unimportant items instead of throwing them away. After jotting down the items prepare a checklist of the same; it will make packing easier. Paperwork Once done with the list, open those drawers and lockers and file all the paperwork. This should include- * Medical records of all the family members * Any veterinary reports of your pet, school records of the children * Legal documents (passports, business letters, investment related papers, other home and official documents). In case of any club registrations, you would have to resign or sell your membership. Also do not forget the telephone diaries, phonebooks/black books. Movers and Packers It is easier to pack if you have checked in all the required items. Approach the nearest movers and packers and get all the information required - time of delivery, means of transportation, any documents required to be submitted to the customs etc. Compare the rates of few and chose your agency after considering the above clauses. Address Note your new address. Make copies of it and pass it to your friends, the newspaper guy etc. Do not forget to make the necessary changes for the credit/debit card bills and mails. Reassign your subscription. Inform the society/colony authorities of your change of address. Miscellaneous Now comes the most tedious job of all - Cleaning. It is good to see all the furniture and other belongings moved out, but now the house looks a mess! It is pointless to clean while shifting, so keep this task at the end. Give a mop to the kids for their room and you could do the rest of the house. Wash all the linen, carpets, curtains etc before the washing machine goes away. Clean the kitchen furniture, garage and garden. It always feels good once you see the house clean, but a lot of time and effort needs to be out in. You can contact the 'Cleaners' to do it for you. Collect the duplicate keys form your neighbors/colony people before you move. Check the switchboards laundry and library for one last time before you finally move out.

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