Want To Become Rich? Follow These Vastu Tips

Want To Become Rich? Follow These Vastu Tips

By SiliconIndia   |   Thursday, October 25, 2012   |    10 Comments
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Bangalore: Money is an integral part of our lives. Tension, depression and stress, which have become a part of our day to day life can be reduced with financial stability. So, to attract wealth, make your home vastu compliant. Vastu tips can help transform a sinking business into a profitable one. Below is the list of vastu tips to follow which will allow you to maintain financial stability.

North-east corner is the corner of God:

The main source of prosperity and flourishing wealth depends on the north-east corner of the home and so it is called the corner of God.

Financial stability prospers if there is any construction like bore well, well, sump for water storage in the north-east corner of the home and plot. But, constructing an overhead tank may bring bad luck in finance related matters. Also, the house should not be constructed where holy shrines like temple, church, mosque are placed in the north-east side or straight ahead of the main entrance as it creates financial instability. The main earner of the family must not live in the north-east direction of the house, reports vasthurengan.com.

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Reader's comments(10)
1: My house in L type longer side is N toS 29feet by 7feet and small bed room in N W corner and the main entrance in weast in the same bed 8x8feet pls suggest me a good vastu to become rich my email id :seeindia7@gmail.com
Posted by:ajaz - 11 Nov, 2012
2: The Thing is that 121 crores peoples are living in india if every one should do these practice then what is the future of india where is MUKESH AMBANI LIVING HE IS IN SOUTH WEST CORNER OF INDIA there is a Rahu and Ketu situated there it means he has lot of ill wealth because Rahu and Ketu are the most Corrupted planets What about the CHORWAAD the native village of Mukesh Ambani jee just research with the FORBES LATEST Top 40 People are there living room has a good south east corner of Vastu
Posted by:Vinod Nainwal - 04 Nov, 2012
3: Nice article.
Posted by:Rajesh Singh Sisodia - 02 Nov, 2012
4: The Age which Brings wisdom you gained Vastu Now you are a big jeopardy for the Nation You M. F.
Posted by:Sumeet Guleria - 30 Oct, 2012
5: Vastu Followers are really Dick of a Dog
Posted by:Sumeet Guleria - 30 Oct, 2012
Nice thought. Well Maruti went for Vastu changes and if one can peep into the past then the Logo of PEPSI was different but after the changes it came on the tip of the tongue.
Subbir Replied to: Sumeet - 06 Feb, 2013
7: Recently one Hindu thief was arrested and he disclosed that he had stolen more than 134 statues in different places and sold them for a good price. This smart their questioned the police, "if these are real Gods they would have stopped or punished me. So I should be booked for stealing statues and not Gods".
See, how funny it is! If these Gods cannot save themselves, how can they save you?
Posted by:Sumeet Guleria - 30 Oct, 2012
8: when faith replaces facts then Vastu Masters becomes self styled God man.
Posted by:Sumeet Guleria - 30 Oct, 2012
9: You are making the fool of Blind faith Indians. Please let me know where I have to satisfy a girl on bed or wall.
Posted by:sumeet Guleria - 30 Oct, 2012
10: Vastu guidelines really helps alot to attract good health, cash flow, prosperity and etc.
Posted by:Biju - 25 Oct, 2012

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