Plot Vs Home: Where To Invest?

Plot Vs Home: Where To Invest?

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, August 27, 2013
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Bangalore: In an era when people are showing interest on investing in luxury apartments, the attractiveness of purchasing land still prevails as a long term investment for others. Property of any kind is a tangible asset. However, apartment buildings are inflexible property and there is a certain limit of appreciation it can generate over time. But, this is not in the case for land parcels. Saving money to buy property is a big thing but you need to think all the possible ways before making a final call. 

Is land investment a good option?

When people are seeking luxury apartments to boost their lifestyle, there are also people who prefer buying a land parcel to build their dream home. Developing a plot is not as much difficult as constructing a high-rise building structure. Though, price rise highly depends on location, the price appreciation for plots are faster than that of ready-made properties. Moreover, a plot never gets affected by time but a building structure can get dilapidated over the time. Adding to it, there are limited layout options in an apartment.

It is not like the value of an apartment will not increase over the time, as location and infrastructure plays a key role in price rise for both apartments and plots. But, the price rise can get affected with the age of the building structure.

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