Best Returns for investment on real estate?

Best Returns for investment on real estate?

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, June 30, 2014
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Bangalore : Did the rising Real estate prices sowing seeds of doubts in your mind about the future of investment in Real estate? Presently, the real estate market is keeping up. The Real estate in India has given good returns over the years owing to rise in prices. Residential real estate investment has benefit, the prices has risen in almost markets. If you have invested in a residential property to earn the returns, there is no need to bother about it. When your aim is an investment gain, the returns can vary on time scale. We need to know what is a good price and at that rate you should sell your property. Just before the global crisis of 2008, the immediate rise of price, maintained a decent profit to Real estate holders just by holding properties for a few months. That frantic growth has given a way to soother market. The Real estate is termed as a long term investment. Holding a residential or commercial property investment, at least for 3 years is advisable. But the maximum returns will be generated among five to seven years. Most of Real estate consultants suggest a period of 3 years. Short time flipping for best returns of 1 year may be possible in major places as Delhi capital region. Tax and transaction costs will also decide the tenure. If the property is in construction process then you have to pay stamp duty and brokerage charges. A holding property for 3 years will come under long term investment that is beneficial. This will be taxed at 20% as the purchase price against inflation. In case of less than 3 year, the profit will be added to your income and taxed as per the terms. What is a good return from a property investment? In market 15-18 % per annum is a good return from property. Anticipating a good return from real estate investment is riskier than fixed income instruments. No one has a single yardstick to decide a return on property investment. To get the best returns you need to do little hard work, research. Your work should be smart and make your decisions clear. The best real estate investment returns will be in your hands.

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