Bangalore Current property price trend

Bangalore Current property price trend

By SiliconIndia   |   Monday, June 30, 2014   |    4 Comments
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Bangalore : Silicon Valley of India is the major IT destination of India. This may be an excellent bet for any investor contemplating investments in IT sector. Bangalore is the destination for many BPO and ITES. This has created an unvalued demand and supply for both residential and commercial properties in Bangalore. The real estate market is booming enormously for few years in Bangalore. This is because; most of the people are investing a huge proportion of money on property in Bangalore. In the commercial segment, an office space has enormous demand because of the IT companies are either shifting to Bangalore city for their business development. The developers are also serving to the investor's demand. They were developing a competitive market for the state of art, architecture office spaces in prime locations. From past few years the retail segment is growing tremendously. Mainly, The NRI's are also investing their money in Real estate of Bangalore as a mode of saving or for a future security. With foreign investment flowing in the city and Indian property developers challenging to carve a place in the Global market. As the prices are rising often, Most of the investors believe that such investment could give them a greater return than compare with other investments. Such activities and strong belief of a common man is encouraging the realtor to create a false demand in the Housing market to increase the value of the property or homes. Such an enormous increase in the home or a property has made buying a home as a dream forever for middle class peoples and it itself speaks for rising property prices. Real estate industries and developers are targeting the city, enjoying the greatest returns and changing the economy of the country. Now a day, when compared with IT, Industrial sectors the Residential and Real estate industries are contributing an enormous amount of revenue. The present GDP of the real estate market in India is nearly 5 to 6% and residential contribution is up to 95%. There are various reasons for investment in Bangalore. The boom in IT sector, increase in the income, Increase in the nuclear families, Increase in the disposable income are some reasons. In addition, the people are investing in homes through home loans as well. Though the people believe that investment in Bangalore is necessary the real estate industry is rapidly growing with increased rates day by day. Due to expectation, in a future the prices of the properties will smash down due to breaking point. When the people realizes, there will be a chance to a common man for the investment and they can fulfill their dream projects.

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