8 Most Beautiful Houses in Bangalore

8 Most Beautiful Houses in Bangalore

By SiliconIndia   |   Wednesday, May 16, 2012   |    5 Comments
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Bangalore: ‘House is where the heart is.’ Owning a house is one dream that most of the people love to fulfill. House reflects the personality of the owners. In the book-’50 Beautiful Houses of India,’ eight houses are from Bangalore. Below is the list of eight homes that are voted as most beautiful.

1. Chodha House

Designed by:  Anshul Chodha

The most beautiful house in Bangalore is the Chodha House. This house was built exclusively for the architect’s parents. The unique characteristic of this house is that the house is designed in a way which can accommodate three generations. This house is simple as well as functional and has a central courtyard that depicts the house is for a joint family. The structure of the Chodha House looks more beautiful because of its large airy spaces which give natural flow of light and air, reports Bangalore Mirror.

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Reader's comments(5)
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Posted by:gfds - 20 May, 2012
2: Beauty without functionality is useless,are these houses eco friendly?do they use less water,electricity,less air conditioning etc,do they have RWH,these are not mentioned,then these are all rich people's fantasies come true with architects,builders laughing all their ay to the bank.Beauty also lies in the eyes of the beholder,all the designs are basically western or conforming to the western concept of luxury,what's Indian about it?These are some of the troubling questions which come to mind.The survey should some sense of perspective,like most beautiful houses within 10-15 lakhs budget,15-20 lakhs budget etc,or those which are 5,10,15 yrs old etc
Posted by:KP Suresh - 17 May, 2012
3: The location/areas where these houses are, should be mentioned.
Posted by:mazumdar - 16 May, 2012
so that u can go rob them? Idiot
Ravi Replied to: mazumdar - 31 Dec, 2012
5: Interesting to know..
Posted by:Surya - 16 May, 2012

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