8 Economical Ways to Boost Up Your Home Value

8 Economical Ways to Boost Up Your Home Value

By SiliconIndia   |   Tuesday, July 31, 2012   |    2 Comments
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Bangalore: Spruce up your house before selling, to fetch good return on investment. Often house owners tend to do a mistake of selling their homes in the same unrepaired conditions, such as unpainted house, dirty floor, unrepaired leakages, messy rooms etc. So, it is always better to make some little changes while selling your house, which will help to improve the value of your house. For those who intend to make their house look presentable and attractive before selling, there are cheaper ways also, that will help improve the value of your house.

1) Make your house look appealing:

All Home buyers have a predetermined list in their mind when they start hunting for house. To buy a house, the very first thing that appeals to them the most is the look of the house they step in. So, to sell your house at an attractive price bracket, you need to make the house look attractive and alluring, which would help as a value booster to your house. For this step, you need to clean your lawn, entire outdoor premises of your house and the garden, if you have any. Also you can paint your entrance door to give your house a fresh look.

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Reader's comments(2)
1: However much you make improvements, buyers always look for several other things more importantly.Legal and undisputed title of the property,Age of the house,Neighborhood, area's profile in terms of residents, civic amenities,safety, proximity to daily necessities including transport, clinics,park, congestion of the road/s leading to the house,water supply,educational
Posted by:SSPRAO - 01 Aug, 2012
2: Although these steps are economical, yet putting fresh colour and doing renovation have become costly nowadays.
Posted by:Ramya - 31 Jul, 2012

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