10 Most Amazing Buildings in the World

10 Most Amazing Buildings in the World

By siliconindia   |   Tuesday, August 26, 2014
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Bangalore : Contemporary architecture brought many amazing buildings with quirky shapes, new materials and ambitious designs to the world. Now a day, it’s not enough that a building serves its purpose of residential or commercial housing. A building should be a landmark and to be shaped in an innovative and novel way.

Here is a list of 10 most astonishing buildings from all over the world.

Cubic Houses, Rotterdam, Netherlands

In 1970s the city of Rotterdam asked Piet Blom to design housing on the pedestrian bridge so he came up with an incredible idea and built the cubic houses in Helmond in the Netherlands and Rotterdam. This cube houses designed was based on the concept of “living as an urban roof” which is high density housing with sufficient space on the ground level. His concept represents that a village within a city, where each house represents an abstract tree and all the houses together a forest. There are 38 small cubes and attached one to another.

Dancing Building, Prague, Czech Republic

The Dancing Building or “Fred and Ginger” is a nickname given to the Nationale Nederlanden building situated in Prague’s downtown, Czech Republic. dancing buildingThe amazing masterpiece was designed in 1992 by Croatian Czech architect, Vlado Milunic in collaboration with Frank Gehry and completed in 1996. The building was built as an alternative of the one destroyed during Bombing in 1945. Today, the building has become as a symbol of the city.

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