• Top 10 Devops Solutions Companies - 2023

    DevOps, has made a lasting impact in the ever-changing software development and IT operations landscape. DevOps's emergence is a response to the burgeoning need for faster software delivery, improved collaboration, and increased automation in the software development lifecycle. The transformations and innovations the sector is undergoing are a veritable reflection of the ongoing quest for efficiency, scalability, and resilience to meet the demand for innovation. This makes it obligatory for businesses to keep apace of the latest trends for achieving success. For instance, using AI and machine learning (ML) in DevOps is expected to grow, particularly in automated testing, continuous deployment, and monitoring. The popularity of DevSecOps as a suitable countermeasure against cyber threats is likely to increase. Likewise, cloud-native technologies like Kubernetes and Docker, potentially rendering DevOps teams capable of building and deploying applications with incredible speed and efficiency, have become a reality. In this edition of SiliconIndia, we showcase the top DevOps solution providers aimed at providing comprehensible and feasible DevOps solutions to customers. Among the featured companies is Solunus which has emerged as a key player in the Salesforce DevOps space, revolutionizing the industry with automation, cloud-based solutions, and continuous integration and delivery. The magazine also features the expert perspectives of Partho Banerjee, director, head of application security architecture, Chubb, and Rajeeve Kaul, corp vice president, McDonalds. These esteemed professionals share their invaluable insights concerning the developments and challenges within the industry along with the possible solutions. We hope these valuable insights from industry leaders featured in this edition will assist you in making informed decisions for your businesses. Let us know your thoughts.

Top 10 Devops Solutions Companies - 2023

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Solunus Banu Ramamurthy, CTO Solunus provides Salesforce consulting partner to enterprises with a portfolio of services that includes managed Services, Custom Application Development and Advisory.
Alpha Net Consulting Arun Thakur, Founder Alpha Net is a global technology and business services company that provides IT staffing, managed services, project development, and DevOps services. With operations in California, India, Singapore, China, United Arab Emirates, and Ireland, the company provides the people and teams for onsite, offshore and a hybrid model to meet the needs of its customers.
Benison Technologies Ajay Virginkar, Founder Benison Technologies is a boutique engineering firm that helps companies of all sizes to take on the challenge of solving complex problems by developing transparent and secure solutions for the world.
Cognisive Srinivas Yalavarthy, CEO Cognisive is an IT Consulting and Services firm that provides End-to-End IT unified Support across Web, App, Data, Network and Security Layers. The company demonstrates experience in managing the complete tech stack deployment in DC, Co-Lo, Private, Public and Hybrid cloud for leading organizations.
FiveS Digital Kapil Sharma, Founder FiveS Digital is a technology-led Business Process Management organization with a meaningful customer and community-centric approach. The company's core business revolves around Customer Experience, RPA/IPA-driven digital transformation, and Computer Vision/ML/ NLP.
Innovature Gijo MS, CEO Innovature is a global business consulting and technology services provider of high-quality IT solutions. Over the last 15+ years, Innovature’s custom solutions and software products have served over 500 customers across the United States, Australia, Europe, and Asia.
Newt Global Neeta Goel, CEO As a leading provider of cloud and DevOps solutions, Newt Global develops state-of-theart platforms for rapid migration to public clouds. Since its inception 12 years ago, the company has made a huge difference to over 40 enterprise clients worldwide from its HQ in Irving, Texas.
Prodevans Deepak Mishra, Founder Prodevans helps transform IT Organizations with on-demand, scalable, reliable Infra based state-of-the-art cloud & container technologies. The company has a track record in implementing solutions across India & ASEAN regions.
Rapyder Cloud Solutions Amit Gupta, Co-founder Rapyder is a Global cloud consulting Partner, providing Cloud Consulting, Implementation, and Managed Services to Enterprises, SMBs, and Startups. With end-to-end cloud solutions across industry verticals, the company is a cloud partner that is agile, precise, innovative, and quick with solutions providing 24/7 support & monitoring for its services.
Velotio Kalpak Shah, Founder Velotio Technologies is a leading product engineering and digital solutions company working with innovative startups and enterprises across the globe. With a team of 325+ engineers, the company specializes in Full-Stack development, Web & Mobile App Development, Cloud & DevOps, Data Engineering, Media Product Development, AI/ ML, Experience Design (UI/UX), and Quality Assurance.