• 20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed by Indians in the DACH

    Indian professionals have emerged as highly successful globally in recent years, and their performance in the DACH (Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) countries has not been an exception. Companies founded or managed by Indians have achieved remarkable success, driven by key trends. These include an increasing Indian population in DACH countries, the willingness of these executives to adapt on a cultural level, and their active participation in networking and collaboration initiatives. These efforts have helped them establish a strong presence and build valuable regional relationships. Beyond these trends, another notable factor is that Indian entrepreneurs have also been active in the startup ecosystem in DACH countries. They have launched innovative ventures in various sectors, including fintech, e-commerce, healthcare, and renewable energy. These startups have attracted significant investments and partnerships, contributing to the exponential growth of the DACH entrepreneurial landscape. This edition of SiliconIndia features the most promising companies founded or managed by Indians in the DACH region. It highlights the valuable opinions of Ananth Nadiger, Head of Technology at TUI. Nadiger is a highly accomplished professional who has played a pivotal role in driving the company's digital transformation. Having several years of experience at TUI, Nadiger is a prime example of a highly sought-after Indian professional based in DACH. He shares his insights on the region's history, challenges, and prospects of Indian-led organizations. The magazine also showcases companies such as PARKVI and RootBridge Capital. PARKVI, led by managing director Parth Pandya, offers machine vision and image processing systems for manufacturing management, quality assurance, process control, and measurement. Meanwhile, RootBridge Capital, under the stewardship of another Indian leader Nayan Srivastava, the founding managing partner, provides top-tier venture capital and private equity solutions to its clients. The magazine further highlights perspectives from Kumar Singirikonda, Director -DevOps Engineering, Toyota North America, and Alpesh Saraiya, Senior Director, Data Center Product Management, Honeywell Building Technologies. We hope these valuable insights from industry leaders featured in this edition will assist you in making informed decisions for your businesses. Let us know your thoughts!  

20 Most Promising Companies Founded or Managed by Indians in the DACH

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
PARKVI GmbH Parth Pandya, Managing Director PARKVI offers manufacturer-independent machine vision solutions along with complete image processing systems for manufacturing management, quality assurance, process control, and measurement. It is also available as a system house for procuring image processing components such as smart camera vision, complex PC system vision, vision sensors, industrial Code reader, lighting, and optics.
RootBridge Capital Nayan Srivastava, Founding Managing Partner RootBridge Capital is redefining the venture capital and private equity landscape, emphasizing community engagement over just numbers and spreadsheets. Its primary focus is to make investments that not only yield healthy returns but are also responsible.
AcumenCog Sunil Kumar , Founder AcumenCog offers comprehensive digital solutions for businesses, encompassing end-to-end development and consulting services. It specializes in supplying top-tier software developers to fulfill various business needs, ensuring exceptional results.
Applaunch Deepak Malhan, Managing Director and André Hoffendahl , Managing Director The Applaunch team at the APP AGENCY is dedicated to optimizing client success through extensive collaboration with founders, startups, and businesses, bringing mobile, web, and gaming app ideas to fruition with over ten years of industry expertise.
AppsBrite Arun Varma, Founder & CEO AppsBrite is a place for uncovering potent concepts, discussing them, transforming them into business endeavors, and expanding them into influential initiatives. It's a genuine and unadulterated venture studio, free from the worry of failure or criticism.
Blending Filters ., . Blending Filters enables businesses to expand by accessing and evaluating real-time business data. It offers a unified platform with user-friendly, informative dashboards, empowering users to make data-driven strategic decisions with AI assistance.
Cellgo Bhuvan Sharma, CTO & Co-Founder Transitioning to the digital age is simplified with the Cellgo automated storage system, designed to automate small parts warehousing. The intelligent Miniload system is accessible from just a handful of storage points.
CuraPersonal Krishna Javaji , Chief Executive Officer & Founder CuraPersonal presents a remarkable opportunity for nurses, offering complimentary German language courses tailored specifically for them. This unique offering enhances career possibilities and paves the way for a more promising future.
DocQ Gaurav chawla, Vice President APAC The DocQ no-code automation platform empowers users to swiftly create dynamic workflows, incorporating various integrated business rules within minutes. DocQ replicates and automates any business process, leading to substantial efficiency improvements.
ENANIMATE Federica Maggio, President and Producer at Enanimation The ENANIMATE team operates entirely in a virtual environment, prioritizing cost-effective video production over expensive office spaces. Its innovative team employs a patented production process, resulting in a remarkable 99.7 percent customer satisfaction rate and industry-leading delivery speed.
Foviatech Sowmya Thyagarajan, CEO/Managing Director/Co-Founder Foviatech employs digitalization and intelligent automation tactics to revolutionize the transportation and healthcare sectors. They provide comprehensive AIdriven software solutions tailored for manufacturing and maintenance operations in the transportation industry, backed by end-to-end learning and deployment services.
Kulero Hemant Chawla, Managing Director & Co-Founder Kulero's edible utensils and dinnerware maintain their structural integrity within dishes, leaving no taste behind. Consumers enjoy their meals with confidence, as these items are free of plastic and do not influence flavors.
ManuTeeFaktur Manu K., Founder ManuTeeFaktur, a well-known German tea company, is celebrated for its premium organic teas and tea accessories. They offer a wide range of tea varieties and related products, all crafted with natural ingredients and free from artificial additives.
Naavik Abhimanyu Kumar, Co-Founder Naavik was established to guide companies in the gaming industry through complex challenges, much like a boatman navigating treacherous waters. They have successfully assisted over 250 companies in achieving their goals.
Narva Solutions Nar Kumar Chhantyal, Founder Narva solutions allows the creation of issue templates for streamlined workflows, prefilled summaries, and descriptions. It offers centralized label management, including renaming, deleting, duplicate identification, and bulk merging.
PharmaX Solutions Karthik Kuncharam, Founder and CEO PharmaX Solutions, leverages its industry-specific knowledge, offers customized solutions for diverse manufacturing requirements. They provide top-tier manufacturing solutions to assist in establishing project structures, streamlining process execution, and promoting standardization and project growth.
Slected.me Pirathipan Nanthakumar, Founder & CEO slected.me is a platform that helps users assess their market value and discover new career opportunities. The company offers a digital career guide that can help users define their career goals and make informed decisions about their next career move.
Veda Naturals Fayez, Co-founder Veda Naturals is a wellness Ayurveda company, that creates natural products to support overall well-being. They offer a wide range of products, including herbal teas, essential oils, supplements, and skincare, all formulated with good quality ingredients to promote harmony within the mind and body.
WB Dr. Johannes Wamser, Founder / MD Mike D. Batra, Founder / MD (WB) is a consulting company that specializes in helping European and international companies plan, implement, control, and optimise their business activities and projects in India. The company provides clients with detailed insights into the Indian market, including industry trends, competitor analysis, and regulatory landscape.
You Are Hired Shubham Tatpalliwar, Co-Founder, Jan Petelski, Co-Founder you are hired is a recruitment company that helps German companies fill their skilled worker shortage by connecting them with young professionals in India. The company aims to fill the gap of the shortage of skilled workers in Germany with young professionals in India.