• 10 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2018

    Ever since data analytics ventured into the market, it exploded and became big. The data analytics hurricane brings forth insightful data visualizations and interactive dashboards while the usage spreadsheets are taking a backseat. The growth has been so immense that it has become the lifeblood of IT. Today, business analysts, data scientists, and every tech-savvy CIOs are being impacted by the data analytics revolution. The proliferation of self-service BI tools including Tableau, Qlik Sense, Power BI, and Domo have enabled business leaders to attain business information in graphical form in real time. This year has been a tipping year for data analytics with cloud data and applications reaching unprecedented counts. Operating in a hybrid mode with analytics, data, and applications has grown radically across on-premise and multi-cloud environments. Overall, the growth in the data analytics has enabled enterprises to gain profound insights into customer behavior, systems performance, and new revenue opportunities. However, in many cases, several companies get stuck at the pilot stage of their big data initiatives and fail to achieve the desired results. To assist decision-makers maneuver in the right direction while adopting data analytics, a distinguished panel of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts along with the editorial board of Silicon India magazine has selected the leading data analytics solution providers. The companies featured in this edition are proven leaders in the data analytics and brings forth a myriad of offerings to assist organizations in overcoming analytics deployment challenges. We present to you 10 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2018.”

10 Most Promising Data Analytics Solution Providers - 2018

Company Logo Company Name Company Management Company Description
Azure Knowledge Corporation Jay Ruparel, Co-Founder & CEO New Jersey-based Azure is a platform-enabled data company that offers a comprehensive suite of market research, data collection, and data analytics services
Infoworks Buno Pati, Chairman of the Board Automates the creation and ongoing operational management of big data solutions on-premise and in the cloud
Heap Ravi Parikh, Founder Helps in building analytics infrastructure for every online business through automatically capturing all the elemental customers touchpoint
Innodatatics Abhinav Kumar, VP- Analytics Consulting & Business Development Offers Innovative, Advanced and Robust Analytical capabilities comprising of descriptive, prescriptive, predictive analytics into action to build cost effective and efficient solutions
Kavi Global Vijitha Kaduwela, Founder & CEO Provides comprehensive Data Analytics Lifecycle Management Services that enables its clients to be more productive, profitable and competitive
Mastek John Owen, Group CEO Renders technology solutions to support its clients in the retail, financial services, healthcare and public sector businesses
Perceptive Analytics Chaitanya Sagar, Founder & CEO Helps its clients to make sense of their data quickly and take actions to increase revenues and improve ROI
Sailotech Suresh Babu Inturu, MD Enables business growth through Analytics, Business Process Re-engineering and Transformation with latest cutting-edge technologies and solutions
WildFire Force Mahesh Varavooru, CEO & CTO Experts in AI, Data Science, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Consulting and Implementation
WorldLink US Adil Adi, Executive Chairman Provides specialized Cloud and Data Consulting and Workforce Solutions to help its clients in deploying emerging technologies