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Top 5 Roadside Assistance Companies in India 2018
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It is certain that no country can afford to ignore the automobile sector, which is globally worth over $2.4 trillion and one of the substantial contributors to the GDP of many nations. India is assumed to be an anchor of the future growth in the auto industry. However, with the increasing demands of the automobile industry there also arise various challenges. Many new industries have come up to mitigate those gaps in the automotive industry and roadside assistance provider is one of them. In today’s 21 st century where time is money, no productive person would want to waste their quality time in case a vehicle breaks down.

Long before the era or internet and cell phones, if a car broke down on an isolated road it could be hours before the situation got sorted out, although today life is a bit easier. From providing benefits such as getting the vehicle fixed on the spot, refueling it, towing the vehicle to the nearest garage or a specific location, extending medical assistance and much more, roadside assistance services providers take of much of the stress that comes with a vehicle breakdown.

Siliconindia introduces ‘Top 5 Roadside Assistance Company - 2018', a unique list, specially curated by a distinguished panel of the industry’s topmost CEOs, Managers, and industry analysts including Siliconindia’s editorial board. We believe that with the help of useful insights from our team of analysts, the plans on paper will sure go to reap results along with viability of your ideas.
Top 5 Roadside Assistance Companies In India 2018
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Top 5 Roadside Assistance Companies In India 2018