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‘Never judge a book by its cover’ - A common yet significant phrase when it comes to recruitment. Human capital is the most precious asset for any business. Many businesses find out rather late that they have hired employees with significant disparities in their resumes that include sham experience certificates, fake educational degrees, or past criminal records. According to a report titled ‘Background Screening Trends’ published in the fourth quarter of 2015, there are more than eleven percent of job-seekers who have some form of discrepancy or the other in their resumes. In the rush to hire employees within tight deadlines, organizations often skip the process of background checks and verification.

However, when it comes to selecting the best candidates for work, going deeper than just face value should be a routine practice. Background checks can be a valuable tool for selecting the right candidate every time. When used consistently, this simple step can eliminate many future problems for an organization. Thus it is vital to ensure that a candidate meets the full requirements of each assignment and that the return on investment will be a good one for the client receiving the candidate.

With this the need of technology enabled employee background checks critical to establish trust and create a safe work environment, protecting an organization’s brand and profits rises. Addressing this vital need of businesses to find out the perfect background verification companies, siliconindia identifies ‘Top 5 Background Verification Companies’. A distinguished panel of the industry's topmost CIOs, CEOs, VCs and industry experts including siliconindia's editorial board has scrutinized the list of companies in different business touch points. The list intends to help businesses diminish risk and provide them with information on records through high quality verification and assessment services.
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