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First Advantage

First Advantage

First Advantage

Current Market Landscape

Increased Focus on Quality of Hire

It’s no secret that hiring the best people is the way to boost organizational success and 2016 will see the quality of candidates becoming an increasingly important factor. Global recruiting leaders have cited quality of hire as a top priority, and as the most valuable metric for measuring a recruiting team’s performance. Four years ago, referrals were the best channel for sourcing quality hires. Today, job boards and social professional networks are preferred.

Increased Emphasis on Using Social Networks

Social recruiting has been big in 2014-15 and it’s set to be even bigger in 2016. With this in mind, 73 percent of the recruiters plan to invest more in social recruiting. But currently 33 percent of recruiters don’t spend anything at all on social recruiting, so there are still big changes that need to be made in this area. LinkedIn remains the clear champion social site for hires with 79 percent of recruiters having found a hire through the site. While 94 percent of recruiters are using LinkedIn, next in line is Facebook, used by only 66 percent of recruiters. Social is now one of the ripest platforms for finding top candidates, with both quality and quantity of candidates proven to improve when a social recruiting strategy is put in place.

Closing the Gap between Active and Passive Candidates

2016 is going to see a big shift toward closing the gap that exists between active and passive candidates. Active candidates (those currently seeking employment) have been the main focus of recruiters for some time, but passive candidates (those who are not looking but are open to speaking to a recruiter) are a key talent pool that is not to be missed. In fact, 75 percent of professionals would categorize themselves as “passive,” yet this potential is greatly untapped, with only 61 percent of companies recruiting passive candidates. A recent poll has revealed that on LinkedIn, at least 63 percent of members are not actively looking but would still be interested in new job leads.

Embracing the Concept of Talent Branding

Talent branding is the social, public version of a company brand that seeks to promote the company as being a great place to work so as to attract new talent. Companies are increasingly noticing the impact that a good brand and company culture has on their hiring process. Research from LinkedIn has found that costs per hire can be reduced by 50 percent and turnover rates lowered by 28 percent when a company has a strong talent brand in place. On top of this, three-quarters of talent acquisition leaders have said that talent brand significantly increases their ability to hire good talent. To give themselves as edge against other employers, 73 percent of organizations plan to highlight company culture in the coming year. There is no doubt about it, the line between recruiting and marketing is blurring, as recruiters are finding that marketing a strong talent brand helps them to attract better candidates.

Using Mobile Recruiting

This key trend is one of the least tapped into by recruiters so far. There’s a growing disparity between the 43 percent of job seekers who use a mobile device for their job searches and the 59 percent of recruiters who don’t invest in mobile career sites at all. Not to mention the fact that the number of candidates searching and applying for jobs on mobile devices is on the rise. Companies and recruiters need to increase their mobile recruiting behaviours to match candidate demand.

Addressing the Challenges

First Advantage helps to get smarter results. The company’s deep in-house legal team shares best practices to help one better understand fast-evolving issues such as:

• Local legislative changes affecting hiring

• Country-specific ready to work or employment eligibility requirements

• Legal and acceptable drug and alcohol testing methodologies

• Regularly published technical white papers and best practices as well as quarterly email newsletters andwebinars

About the Company

First Advantage provides comprehensive background screening solutions that give employers and property managers’ access to actionable information allowing for faster decisions with dramatically betterinsights. With an advanced global technology platform, superior customer service and compliance expertise delivered by experts who understand local markets, First Advantage helps customers around the world build fully scalable, configurable screening programs that meet their unique needs. Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., First Advantage supports over 45,000 clients worldwide with offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. More information about First Advantage can be accessed at


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Differentiating Factors

At First Advantage, technology is at the core of all operationsand helps drive excellence across services. Built on a state of theart IT infrastructure and compliance to the highest levels ofinformation security, First Advantage has been an industryleader with many firsts in the verification space.First Advantage has been the first to introduce enhanceddatabase checks, GPS enabled address verification, intelligentMIS, report automation, online ordering and many otherinitiatives. The company’s expertise, experience and thought leadership reflects out-of-the-box thinking and innovative solutions.

Harboring Innovation

First Advantage takes great pride in its people, who too are equally proud of being a part of First Advantage, which has animpressive list of prestigious customers.Everyone who joins First Advantage goes through a well laid out recruitment process. They go through a series of aptitude andassessment tests, personal interviews, and a thoroughbackground check (BS7858) before becoming employees of FirstAdvantage. This ensures a degree of quality control at the time ofrecruitment.First Advantage makes significant investments in Training andDevelopment to enable its employees in providing betterservices.

Go-to-market Strategy

• Unmatched global screening expertiseand coverage with 27 offices across 13countries, and screening coverage in morethan 227 countries and territories.

• Exclusive one-world program access gives consolidated access to worldwidebackground screening, drug screening, andfingerprinting services with multilingualordering capabilities and a built-incompliance engine.

• Industry-leading turnaround times to accelerate screening and selectionprocesses and reduce costs related to hiringdelays.

• Vast solution suite of intelligently packaged data to help to comply withindustry standards, supports your full hiringlifecycle through precise insights, andretains the best talent.

• The company needs detailed support for technology integrations,program customization and processautomation, flexible options for proactiveuser training and knowledgeable customerservice seven days a week.

Quick Facts

1.) Year of founding: June 2003

2) Funding information: Symphony Technology Group

3) Founding members: First Advantage was formed by the merger of the screening segment of The First American Corporation (NYSE: FAF) and US Inc. in June 2003

4) Office locations: Bangalore, Mumbai, Gurgaon & Chennai in India, Head office in Atlanta and in total 13 countries across the globe

5) Company strength: 5500+ globally