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Ask Yasmin Elias for Advice
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Yasmin Elias
Yasmin Elias

Yasmin Elias

Employed as a teacher full time and an aspiring writer


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Family Background
i come from a conservative, educated and strong Islamic background. I am a single parent blessed with a comely son. I am also living with my parents
Contribution to the field
I am working at The Yenepoya School as a teacher. The best thing about this educational institution is the strong rapport I have with the entire staff and, still more my students are like my own kids though at a professional edge. We are all very friendly, firm and principled out here.
I am a science graduate with a B.Ed degree. Also done vocational training in PGD Total Quality Mgmt,India; Business English, Manchester, UK; Professional Accounting and Bookkeeping, Atlanta , USA - all of these course were done by my via the distance training program.
I would like to see my school as the most disciplined school without any arbitrary rules for children. It is also a firm where in creativity in schools is totally stressed helping children think outside the box. Our vision is to build tolerant mind, ethical and respectful mind for future kids.
Book/Websites to go through:
I would recommend initially requesting other to attain success to first of go through the free videos in youtube of Anthony Robbins, Jim Rohns and Robin Sharma as these three are my favourite mentors who had helped me grow to a great extent.
Career Decisions:
I have decided to stick on to my goal of continuing as a teacher and pursue my career as a freelance writer and, hopefully soon, I would love to pen a best seller in non-fiction field.
Essential qualities:
I think for a woman, her foremost priority must be to attend to her family and kids. Once she's consistently builds a strong rapport with her family,only then she should climb the other ladders of her goals to attain success. So, I would say family first and career to be the next first best.
I try to wake up early morning by 4 or 4:30 a.m.So i get an extra hour to attend to my work plus when I reach back home, I am totally a family person. I seldom compromise both. I dislike chit chatting over mobiles and hate to sms. (Sorry to admit that!)
Qualities of Leadership:
For me leadership means to doing the right things at the right time without reminders and be a role model in ethics. To be a principle-centered person and live a life of integrity is the foremost quality of leadership for me.
Achieving Success:
I think when a woman is extremely principled, no man or no power can stop her for attaining success even if it means the corporate world is dominated by men.
creating differences:
A woman has the quality of being humble and patient. She can also lead silently and, so she can make a difference in an organization.
After few years:
I see myself financially independent, a teacher cum published writer
Extra Certification:
Keep learning. If your job involves a lot of writing of reports, letter writing etc. get enrolled in Business English course, if you are giving a presentation or chairing a meeting, do enrol at Toast master's club or read books of Dale Carnegie. So, to move on to next leve of ur career keep learning
Challenges faced:
As a staunch Muslim lady, I am not so inclined to speak in public though I am good at it. Yet, i make up through my writing strengths and my leadership skills help me alot to survive. My advise to all is keep reading non-fiction books on self-development authored by: Stephen Covery, Edward Bono etc.
Success through professionalism:
Striving of Excellence in family life, financial freedom, and dream career without compromising quantity and quality time to your nearest family members is the master key and confidential secret of success in all fields and thus to attain your dream goals.
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