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Vittal K Shetty
Vittal K Shetty

Vittal K Shetty

Chief Executive Officer



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Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I am eldest of the 12 in a lower middle class family of 8 sisters and 3 brothers.Born and brought up in Uppala in Kasaragod district of Kerala( earlier with South Kanara till 1956)My parents were basically agriculturists and my father was running a Hotel Srinivasa Bhavan near Uppala Railway Station.
The Decisions That Matter
I joined Navabharatha Kannada Daily at monthly salary of Rs.90 in June 1970.I was topper in the Kerala Public Service Commission and was to join for duty.While appearing for a Test at AIR Bangalore for NewsreelAsst I appeared for test at Vijaya Bank and joined as clerk for stiphend of Rs.150 in 1972
Other Thoughts:
After the nationalisation of 14 major banks in 1969 by late Indira Gandhi,lot of emphasis was given to both public sector & private banks were encouraged to open more branches nationwide.While in Vijaya Bank many staff were afraid to leave their home state.I was the first to go to KOLKATA & KOHIMA
Prized Accomplishment(s):
As soon as I joined the Bank as clerk,I was appalled at the service conditions of the employees and decided to fight for them and emerged as the trade union leader.I was elected as Joint Secretary of Vijaya Bank Employees' Association in 1974 and as Vice President in 1976.Officers union in 1980
Degrees That Matter:
As a militant trade union leader I made it a point to acquire professional degrees to discharge my duties more efficiently and make my bank prosper to enable all to share its wealth.CAIIB AND DBM(DIPLOMA IN BANK MANAGEMENT)I was one among the only around 200 DBM holders and only 2nd in Vijaya Bank)
Job Profile:
Joined as clerical trainee I was to attend all types of desk job in areas like Savings.current,bills,issuing demand draft,cash management,remittances,credit appraisal,customer service.In the70s we had job rotation once in 6 months and supposed to work in all departments of general & foreign banking
Advice For New Professionals:
WE must acquire the proficiency in the field of work and we must study and know all types of work.While we move fast the ladder we must not forget the knowledge we got in the initial stages.If we are sincere and concentrate to acquire proficiency no one can hold back our move up in the ladder
Required Reading:
For Management professionals,I recommend books of Arthur Hailey who inspired me a lot.
Another author who inspired me was Irving Wallace.My reading started reading Kannada books of Triveni and my first novel is in Kannada Shara Panjara which later become a cult movie.first English novel was HOTEL
Done Differently:
I would have loved to become a TV News Anchor or a Politician with left off center policy as enunciated in the Avadi Session of AICC and later adopted by the AICC session in Lalbagh Bangalore in 1969 wherein Mrs.Indira Gandhi ushered in Bank Nationalisation made CLASS BANKING INTO MASS BANKING
Changes In The Professional Environment:
When I joined we had to do all our works manually and had to write ledgers,registers and had to tally the accounts manually and had to search day n night the small mistakes which went unnoticed due to work pressure .But now everything is being done by the COMPUTER.Present atmoshphere is far better
Career Profile:
Now I do part time as Chief Executive Officer and also as a Consultant in private capacity.I only guide and instruct now rather than do it myself.
I am working on FINANCIAL INCLUSION.Advising & convincing banks,cooperative banks & credit societies to open branches in far flung areas to reach poorest
Growth Strategy:
Every day is a new learning and it never ends.Each day when I meet different people I develop as leader.Interacting with them and try to imbibe the best from them,I learn. Meeting different persons keeps on developing leadership.It grows & never ends. IT GOES ON FOREVER.Keep on learning new things
Role Model:
Indira Gandhi.She never bothered about criticism and went on doing things which she felt is for the betterment of poor.Vested interests who had no backing of the people branded her as authoritarian,she proved them all wrong by winning the elections in 1980 even though she was defeated in 1977
Working Life Management:
Take life as it comes and always preparing my self to get my self face the unexpected as if it is expected
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