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Vishal Kumar Sharma
Vishal Kumar Sharma

Vishal Kumar Sharma

Marketing and Pr Manager

Vishal Group


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Team Management
I am Always motivate my team, We decide weekly target in our team, We dont stretch, We work only in working hours or day, we all are colleague not Boss, So This is my Mantra for my Team.
More about me
I am a Business Development Manager, I did my graduation from Delhi University, Delhi. MS degree from Michigan State in astrophysics. Wanted to be the first man on Mars at some point of time…and hey…who knows…
Graduated from South Campus, Delhi University…had the best time of my life there…met my friends there too…
Was working as a Executive with Aegis Ltd. India for 2 years before plunging full-time into entrepreneurship! Had the most amazing time there…fantastic work…fantastic set of people…
In love with photography…am self taught and have a LONG way to go…
Love traveling… try and take a vacation everymonth, even if it over a weekend itself
Love my work…cause of the fantastic team I work with…the nature of work we do…and the sheer ownership that having your own thing brings…
Hate politics driven on the basis
My views on India Technical development
We are missing the entrepreneurs who identify the so much talented people of our country. We have to start IT Hubs in the rural areas also. Our Government should take a step about it. I hope we will improve our technical output.
Managing personal and professional life
I think one man always not right, we have to debate, Group discussion to avoid the mistakes and take advice from all the teams. In my personal life also I am always respect and listen to my partner and give them respect.
Influenced by
I believe in God, And most influenced by God, I read so many religious books to learn about the humanity, I read so many biography also
Ensuring Growth
I try to beat my weekly targets which is set by me. I make sure to my team keep calm and do your best, I am always motivate them, We are working like a group of friends. Individual group discussion, before working I do have a meeting with my colleagues with coffee or tea, and discuss all the dos of the day.
Leadership qualities
He should believe in his team, motivate all the members, specially motivate who are so far away to meet their targets. Realize them that you are so confident about them, and try to spend more and more time with them. and let them enjoy in the free period. Try to make stress free environment.
Handling Grievances
I will listen about the problem, try to shortout the problem, discuss it with the other colleagues also,discuss with the upper management also with the issue. And do my best to solve the problem asap
Current Job description
I am working as a Business Development Manager, Handling Sales, Marketing, New Business acquisitions, Customer Retention etc
Family background
We are 5 Members in my family, My Father is owns a shop of Garments in the City, My Mom is housewife, younger brother and sister
Excellence in Management
We achieved very good customer database, I make my company well known in the market. etc
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