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Vineet Kansal
Vineet Kansal

Vineet Kansal

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Insight of My Company and its IT Strategies
A. Infrastructure:The
Institute is having state of art computer laboratories equipped with
latest PC configurations running on various software platforms.These
laboratories are well supported with high end back end servers placed
centrally at the server room which offers various services like:AD, DNS,
DHCP, RADUIS, TMG, Anti Virus and Anti Spyware, etc. The entire campus
wide LAN is also meets the latest technologies for the best throughput
and 100% availability for the users. Among various services on the
network Internet plays a major role and its availability make the uses of
all these applications very effective.

B. Security Measures:As
per the policies the entire network is protected from the unauthorized
users on LAN and WLAN. The access to various services are grouped
effectively under group policy and replicated throughout the campus. The
entire campus is well equipped with the latest Anti Virus software for
protection and the Internet bandwidth is protected with a firewall,
antivirus, and anti spyware for gateway level protection.

C. Storage & Backup Strategies: As
the data is the most crucial part of any organizations daily
work process. The central storage at various servers in the server room
is well protected with various policies and hierarchy access
permissions.The storage system is also having a well devised backup
policy for scheduled and customized backups.
Views on Cloud and Virtualization
Cloud-computing plays a vital role in infrastructure convergence and
shared services, which can facilitate an organization to port its
business process on the cloud. This type of environment allows
enterprises to get their applications up and running faster, with easier
manageability and less maintenance, and enables IT to more rapidly adjust
IT resources (such as servers, storage, and networking).

Virtualization on
the other hand is also a vital player in Enterprise IT trends today;it
enables an IT environment which will be able to manage itself based on
perceived activities. The goal of virtualization is to
centralize administrative tasks while improving scalability and
overall hardware-resource utilization.The Cloud and Virtualization can be
combined together to improve business processes and their availability
and delivery of these services to the end users.
Keeping up with Latest Technology
The institution is always active towards the skill development of the
students as well as faculty and staff to make them updated according to
the industry requirements. There are several programs and events which
are organized on the regular basis at the institute campus for achieving
the same likely: Student Development Programs (SDP’s), Faculty
Development Programs (FDP’s), Seminars,Conferences, Webinar Sessions,
Peer to Peer trainings on various technologies.
Team Size
There are 44 members in my team.
Biggest Pain Point
Being a self financed educational institution there is no Governmental
funding so managing the resources and providing the latest technological
blends to all the users is the biggest challenge. Though, we are
committed to provide Best quality education.
Technology to Address Pain Points
Technology always plays a vital role in providing the effective solutions
to the problems causing any hindrances in the business processes, so
technology can address those pain points.
Challenges Faced
As already mentioned that data and information is the most crucial part
of the organizations business processes so it is an asset to the
organization. It should be protected with unauthorized access and fail
overs like system or hardware failures.
IT Leader – Manager First or Technologist First
Although it becomes an advantage if the IT Leader is having a blend of IT
or he/she is a technologist, but an IT leader should be a manager first.
Latest Technology
The organization can look forward for the new technologies in the areas
of ERP, Web Conferencing, Webinars, Online events, Virtual Classroom

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