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Ask Vikender Panwar for Advice
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Advice Request
Vikender Panwar
Vikender Panwar

Vikender Panwar

Student at McGill University

Jamna Auto Industries Limited

Role Model:
From past,Karna - Mahabharta character influenced me a lot.Karna never saw happiness in his life but he always followed 'Dharma'.It was his frienship and respect which Duryodhan offered him which forced him to stand against Pandavas .I believe 'Daanveer Karna' is supreme in the epic.
Working Life Management:
Well , as long as you are single , you can spend most of your time in plant.The maximum you get into the manufacturing process , the more you learn . When it gets much work alcoholic , i ask my boss to relieve me for a day & he has been very kind to me so far.
Done Differently:
I want to learn and practise SAP - Production Planning and Material Management ERP software. Moreover , time is changing rapidly . Now , various MNC's look for candiadtes who have SAP knowledge and experience .I believe it would help me a lot in achieving my professional and personal goals.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
At my workplace, many new guys have come and few went too . Definitely, it impacts the enviornment at the workplace.More or less ,i feel one thing doesn't change too much and that is 'Work'.Companies just want their work to be done .You will not do , some one else will do .
Degrees That Matter:
Well , B.Tech degree provided me the perfect platform to exercise my skills & knowledge in the automotive industry . What i read in my course , i saw a large proportion of that happening on Shop Floor but in a different way. So,practical knowledge of a problem always scores over theoritical concept.
Growth Strategy:
I believe ' Education ' is the most important assest of an individual. I will pursue MEng course in recent future to increase my Technical qualifications . Master course will enable me to understand advanced concepts of Mechanical Engineering. When you have knowledge , you can see yourself growing.
Job Profile:
I started my career as Graduate Engineer Trainee in JAI Ynr plant. After one year , i was promoted as Engineer. My job responsibilities includes Preparation of Shearing , Heat Treatment and Assembly sections production plans, OEE & MIS preparation. I was also responsible for maintaining inventory .
Required Reading:
In India , 'Manufacturing Today' is a great magazine to keep you up-to-date about what happening in automotive industry. You may try Google Books to explore more about the theoritical concepts of Automotive field.
Advice For New Professionals:
My advice for them is " Just enjoy your work ". Nothing counts in the end. If you are good at work , you are good at everything.Be confident , be energetic , be ready to learn and be sincere towards your work. Learning is life-long process and it goes on and on.
The Journey So Far:
Well , the journey has been quite hard-working so far.I used to spent 2 shifts continously thrice in a week.There was no rest available for new trainees.Spending time in plant helped me to learn many industrial concepts like Kaizen,OEE ,TPM ,5S & most importantly it helped me immensly in PPC profile
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Recently , i applied for MEng course in McGill University , Canada . Luckily , i have been offered admission there. McGill is Canada's No. 1 and world No. 17 university accoording to QS World University Rankings .It's like a dream come true and i am very proud of it.
Plans For The Future:
I see myself working for a big multinational MNC with handsome salary after completing my MEng course from McGill University. I want to see my parents in a big new house with various basic amenities.It's their dream and i will fulfill it.
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