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Vijay Bais
Vijay Bais

Vijay Bais


My achievements
Started with a big hit in Government sector in forces but diverted due to certain circumstances and initiated career with banking sector for Marketing and Sales which made a business and broad minded person.

Looking for a stability have initiated with Telecom sector which then made me an IT professional and gave me various roles and challenges which I completed successfully and proved the capability.

Trained 170+ people on product based and technical level as well. It made me proud that those professional are successful in their career and performed their responsibility towards the nation.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Our education system makes us an employee or at maximum it helps up to achieve a position into senior management. However it never creates a business mentality to own or help to move into corporate business. Most of our businessmen are studied in abroad either due to their financial status or by their own which made them successful. The most unfortunate things happens in India is the person who cannot do anything great in his life chooses the career as a teacher. I firmly believe that only great teachers create good students who will be the best citizens of our nation.
My strongest skill
• Information Technology Infrastructure Library v3 (ITILv3)
• Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
• Interconnecting Network Devices (ICND)
• Microsoft Certified System Engineer. (MCSE)
• Verizon Online DSL Technical Support Training
• CSP Practice Domain Training Certification
• Maharashtra State Certificate in Information Technology
• Diploma in Office Automation
Brief description about me
I am an ambitious person with various fields of experiences, have worked with Banking, Insurance, Finance, Healthcare, Telecom and ISP and some other sectors. I do possess 7+ years if IT experience and worked with IT giants such as IBM, Infosys, Wipro, GE, Tech Mahindra and now working with Cognizant. I learned a lot with different challenging roles and responsibilities and using the same to enhance my career sky as a limit.
More about myself
People around us are believes in limitations rather on their dreams or aspires in their life. This actually creates big obstacle in their success. We should believe on what we want and nature will bring this in our life, there might be a delay but if we intensely ask the nature then nature can fulfill all our dreams but remember nature only understands keywords so emphasize on correct keywords.
Important lesson learned
Believe yourself, then only people will believe you.
Initiative to develop a country
Now or never.. That’s the only approach will sort out the things which will avoid the delay and will make us ready for new challenges every day.
Degree that I recommend
ITIL, PMP, Prince2 and an external management degree will boost my career.
My family background
I belong to middle class family but with my learning’s and family ability we reached to Higher middle class status. Achieved whatever was needed as a time's demand. Seeking happiness, growth and prosperity.
Influenced by
Jonathan Livingston Seagull, is a small bird who did beyond limitations and shared the knowledge what he achieved. Also, my mum teaches me how to live as a respectable human being.
Couple of years from now
With the knowledge and professional I posses, I want to start my own IT company in which my colleagues will be my business partners and share the equal responsibility. If we think in this way, it will remove the distance between an owner and employees.
Ensuring success
I am up skilling myself and trying to learn new thoughts everyday to make the life simpler and stressful.
Important decision
My every decision is proved to be a great decision; I don’t think too much after taking a decision but assess the risk before taking a decision.
My role model
I do not find a role model but there are persons like Anand Deshpande and there are more spiritual gurus like Sirshree Tejparkhi and Dada Vaswani inspires me every day. Also everyone who teaches me inspires me a lot.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
There are no defined qualities which makes successful, there are persons who possess different qualities and they are successful in their own fields. Now their field is known by their names. Still vision is more important, man can success without eyesight but cannot success without vision.
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