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Vidyardhi Nanduri
Vidyardhi Nanduri

Vidyardhi Nanduri


Free Lance Consultant and Independant Research


Vidyardhi Nanduri is a member of:

More about myself
Inspiration and Divine Guidance are parts of my contribution.Index for Progress.
Organize to support Inventors and Original authors.
Support the Talents in time to inspire continuity in spirit to excell and Society to reap benefits.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
I was in Teaching Profession -graduate Engineering courses- and then moved to do research at Indian Institute of Science,Bangaore
Then worked with Bharat heavy Electricals {India] corporate R&D and MHD Research-[BHEL-atomic Energy combined project].
I was on sir Girling Watson Travel fellowship -University Of Sydney, Australia and moved back to India- freelance Consultantant and Visiting Scientist to Government R&D Labs like CPRI.
I was a visiting Professor- JNTU and course Coordinator- IEEE-Highvoltage Engineering at Hyderabad.I am an Inventor about 20 Patents and wish India to come up well in Technology Researh and support inventors.I remained as free lance consultant and registered as an expert with International bodies like UNIDO,ILO, Commonwealth Secretariat [1984-96]
Educational System as such at the IITs-and Universities do not support Inventors and New inputs are needed .
Technology Management developing countries -Space Cosmology Vedas -need best of brains trust
Degree that I recommend
New Courses can be introduced to develop the spirit of science, Spirit of philosophy, Nature, Environment and cosmology
Training of Trainers will help even IIT-IISC to expand to Knowledge Frontiers
Liberalization prerequisite -Internal Discipline- Index
Nuclear Technology- Prerequisite- Regulation- Index
Neutral Governance- Necessity-Demands- Conscious Index
The Spirit of Integration must prevail through Wisdom in advance
How to prevent -Control and Regulate Complex issues:
1.Mis-use of Space
2.Self-destructive Science
3.Pollutant Technologies
4.Economic imbalance
5.Conflicts in Minds
Technology Management-Developing Countries helps in time
Influenced by
My guru Sree [1008] Seeatharama Yathindrulu , Shirdi Sai Baba and my father late Dr Rama Rao Nanduri
Searching Minds - conscious Discipline helps in time with a clear Doirections and goals.
My PhD [Highvoltage Engineering] thesis-1973 was dedicated to my Guruji. presently my books on cosmology vedas Interlinks are dedicted to Lord Padmavaty- Sreenivasa-Tirumala-Tirupati
Brief description about me
I am an Engineer- Scientist-Invetor- presently Working on Space Cosmology Vedas Interlinks under Inspiration and with a Dedicated Spirit
PURPOSE:ORIGINS-Cosmology Vedas Interlinks {Independant Research]

1. The Science of Philosophy: Divinity, Vedas, Upanishads, Temples & Cosmos Yoga

2. Philosophy of Science : Plasmas, Electro-magnetic fields and Cosmology

3. Resource : Reflectors,3-Tier Consciousness, Source, Fields and Flows :Add Protection

4. Noble Cause : Human-Being, Environment, Divine Nature and Harmony

Protect Copyrights- Knowledge Base
My strongest skill
I am an Inventor and promoted Technology Exchange to Inspire Prospective Inventors-Key Talent Identification- needs guidance Council and Advisors.Advanced courses and Key Inputs to r&D were the aims and objectives.International groups wanted india to get organized.
Semi-Bureaucratic System will hamper the purpose. Private Business groups have to come-up with better comprehension to create
Venture funds,Endowments and Technology management schools to Invite Eminent Scholars from International Arena
India needs; inventors Invention Promotion Guiding centers 2. Technology management Development Network 3. cosmology World Peace [See Space Cosmology Vedas Interlinks]
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Concentration, Meditation and Dedication need highest discipline.
India has to produce eminent men and Sustain the spirit.
Then only future generations will respect India for Wisdom.
My role model
Conventional Role models do not apply to Dedicated spirit- Searching minds and Guiding Spirits-India is proud of Noble Souls.
Initiative to develop a country
Get organized or Perish. India has no option. A higher mode of Discipline and identity help to achieve- Sky is the Limit- Knowledge Expands sans barriers.Knowledge flows from all corners of the Globe.United efforts are needed beyond divisions in the society.
Recognize Professional Excellece. Create Noble Souls association that inspire all continents
Ensuring success
I have about 15 Books under US copyrights and ISBN india- Space Cosmology Vedas Interlinks.
Invited lectures and Conference Research Papers continue .India needs to realize Knowledge Potential.
I am now working further to strenghthen East West interaction on Cosmology Studies that question the Fundamental concepts like big-bang or God-Particle
psychology . Some more books integrating Space Images will be forth-coming .
Earlier , I presented papers- in IEEE- Space Plasma groups and after 2000 at Carnegie Observatories-Century celebrations and Space Telescope Institute,Baltimore-related to origins-Cosmology Vedas.I can contribute more inventions if Society supports
My family background
Our family has a few outstanding Scientists, Engineers and Medical professionals.Reasonably well educated group
Couple of years from now
India needs :1. Cosmology World Peace 2.Technology Management Universities 3.Invention promotion Guiding Bodies
If these are implemented in time, I will be happy to guide and direct to the extent feasible in my life-time
Important decision
Keep clear Mind and be conscious with a purpose and direction- Welfare of society
Important lesson learned
Yes . Invited and Sponsored lectures are most welcome.
Necessity to Protect Copy rights. Plasma Regulated Electromagnetic Phenomena in magnetic field Environment -holds he key for Space Science to advance.
Cosmology vedas Interlinks means creation of knowledge base.
My achievements
I aimed for Excellence and showed through Inventions, original Research Papers and copyrights that contain more
information for next few decades or more for Science to progress.
Out of box thinks helps Inventors.
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