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Vicky Jain
Vicky Jain

Vicky Jain


Convergence IT Services


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Company Profile
Convergence Services, is a privately owned software and web development company headquartered in Mumbai. Our wide spectrum of products and services include •uknowva – The Enterprise Collaboration Software, CMS extensions, •Convergence support desk, •Enterprise application development,•eCommerce Solutions, •Domain registration and web hosting and many more. Our constant endeavor for innovation has helped us to achieve excellence in whatever we do and as a result today we have created a niche for ourselves in this highly competitive market. The company was founded on 7th October, 2008.
Difficulties Tackled
Since we started as a service company we had to go through multitude of challenges while developing our first flagship product uKnowva–The Enterprise Collaboration Software. The money was scarce and we did not have the luxury of time to spend on a single product. To compound the problem there was lack of skilled resources but we overcame those hurdles and made an amazing product called uKnowva.
Getting Customers
As a start-up getting your first customer is the biggest challenge, even we had to face the initial resistant from customers who were unwilling to give their work to us. Though initially we did couple of projects for friends but those were all for free but even that paid off when through word of mouth and referral we got our first “big” client a doctor who wanted to build a database application to store all the patients’ records. We completed that project successfully in record time which boosted team’s confidence.
Today we work with some of the biggest names in the industry but we still feel great about our first customer. Some of the challenges we faced were lack of a brand name, small-team, and lack of efficient marketing mechanism. Some of the lessons that I learnt from my experience is, which even today I use, is build a strong and mutual relationship with your customer and establish a trust factor with them. This will help create a long-term business value for them and your company.
Choosing People
Employees are the biggest assets to any company and choosing the right talent is vital for a company’s success. At Convergence, we believe in hiring people who primarily have the following three qualities 1.Smart, The definition of smart is nicely summed up in Shiv Khera’s quote which says, “Winners don’t do different things. They do things differently.” This difference is the what we call the Smarter Way! Being smart helps you achieve greater things in your work and life. Hence we at convergence services believe in SMART way of doing our work. This is very much evident from the approach we take to accomplish our task on a day-to-day basis. When things are done in smarter ways it produces product of high quality, saves time and ensures better value to the customers. 2.Young: We believe being YOUNG has nothing to do with a person’s age or experience, at convergence services it is all about being energetic, enthusiastic and passionate about your work and life. The person achieves more when he feels optimistic towards his life and work. We harness these latent qualities of the individuals to motivate them to achieve and excel in their domain of interest. 3.Genuine: At Convergence services being GENUINE is a prerequisite quality to establish a long-term trust and faith with individuals who are part of this company. Those who possess this quality achieve consistent success in their work and life. Being genuine takes an individual one step closer to achieve personal and professional excellence in their career. We believe being genuine helps the person to be honest, keep positive attitude towards life, follow fair practices and take responsibility for his actions. and secondarily with right set of skills. We always try to have a long-term employment relationship with them by offering best of remunerations and perks, training, friendly working atmosphere, future career growth etc. We believe in leading by example and hence by doing quality work ourselves we inspire them to do better and create infinite value (We define value as quality / cost) for our customers and partners. Apart from this we also encourage our people to keep on learning new skill sets related to the business process and use the knowledge in training others and making their work more efficient.
Leadership Qualities
Entrepreneurs are rare breed and the important ingredients you need to be a successful entrepreneur is courage and determination towards your goal in life. Steadfastly pursuing what you love and doing amazingly well can give you edge over the competition. Temporary setbacks and failure are part of life and one should not get discourage by it and keep moving towards the goal. Entrepreneurship is something which no one can teach you, if you want to learn Entrepreneurship, start it!! Entrepreneurship is more of a journey rather than a destination so make the most of the opportunity that you encounter on your way to reach the top. Leadership in my opinion is the art of taking responsibility of your work / goal and your people as well. As a leader, it is your duty to make sure your work is of premium quality and at the same time your people are happy. The best way to lead according to me is Lead by example!!! Management, that is a very important part of any organization. It takes great Entrepreneurial skills to START something, but it take great Management skills to RUN it. There are many rules and fundas of management we come across daily, but a few practices which we follow for better management at Convergence are as follows:1.Have a set of Principles and stick to them. Take your decision on the basis of your Principles and situation.2.Have a great core team with diversified skill set. 3.Hire people who are better than you at the job for which they are being hired.4.Keep your team happy and make sure they keep your customers happy as well.5.Last and very important: Never do anything which others can do for you.
Advice to young entrepreneurs
Never give up in life! Never make money your ultimate goal. Listen to your inner voice and have faith and conviction in yourself! Take calculated risk and when you take a risk do not deviate from it. Focus on your goal. Enjoy your work and keep on motivating your team to do better.
Company I admire
Google and Apple I feel have changed the landscape of technological innovation through their amazing products and services. These companies have created an infinite value for their employees, customers, partners and shareholders. Today these global giants have become a role model for many start-ups, small and medium companies who wants to grow big and become like them.
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