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Veerasamy Natarajan
Veerasamy Natarajan

Veerasamy Natarajan

Consultant ISO

Vummidi Bangaru Jewellers

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Everyone eyes your pocket

Adds in media, especially visuals, are enticing our mind and heart. Advertisers spend lacs and lacs of rupees for their adds to be shown in slots where they expect more viewers. As females readily believe anything, most of the adds are focusing to catch the eyes of them. To name a few - fairness cream, shampoos, hair oils, soaps – these stuff occupy most of the commercial break-ups. After the success of fairness cream in all African countries, those MNCs figured out Indians to share their stories and market their products. From teens to Young ladies who used the fairness creams have now become very fair like Mexicans. Most of the black ladies now turned into very fair and beautiful in their outlook because of the use of fairness creams. The fairness creams changed black melanin into whitish black girls and ladies fair and lovely. If you were ready to believe this, obviously many would, you may continue to hold your faith on those fairness creams and help the MNCs grow vertically. Just think what is what, how a fairness cream can do on the skin. If you are ready to believe the visuals are true and you would get the same tone on your skin, you may keep on believing. We do not aware until the MNCs tell us that vitamins and minerals can also be injected into the human body through the head because now shampoos are enriched with vitamins and minerals which will nourish the hair with the vitamins so that the hairs become strong, stop breaking and remove dandruff. We can stop consuming vitamins through mouth. We can follow what MNCs tell through their adds, ie, bathing with shampoo not only vitamins reach our scalp but also into our circulatory system. If you are ready to believe this, you may keep on believing. Oils when applied on hair, it removes anti static electricity, the hairs become together. Many women want their hair, instead of tied, falling freely mostly in front of their face. But shampoos are widely used for free flying hair, the use of oils and applications were drastically restricted. Those who know the benefit of oils use them for their strong and long hair and to keep their scalp oily so that scales (dandruff) do not peel out. Any coconut oil will do that, you should know. Oh! How good it is to use soaps to keep off pimples and germs. A good care of what you eat itself would guard you from all ills. It is not soap or hand wash or face cream that would deter them out. Use your good knowledge and tease the brain to find out what is the truth. Innocent and ignorant are the prey of MNCs and they are successful in their campaign but it is you to keep your purse tight and not to open out by the temptations that were caused by the adds in media. Beware everyone eyes your pocket.
Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
My parents are farmers and lived a rustic life. My family lived in a village not far away from town. They are not illiterates and not graduates as well. They lived very simple and honest life. God fearing and helping others. Took great care of children and sent to school.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
Accomplished setting an environmental laboratory, helped to set up a company and a mini laboratory for assaying silver.
The Decisions That Matter
I quit and took voluntary retirement from the company where i worked about 21 years. I decided to continue my post graduation after 15 years of my graduation.
Working Life Management:
Tension, Pressure, Stress and Strain never come across my work life because i have the habit of thinking from both sides. This way work life is balanced
The Journey So Far:
Established a company for a UK Investor who had investments in a few countries. Established the business also. Lead a responsible position in the company also.
Done Differently:
I always try differently but it is not negative approach. But my approach would be different.
Required Reading:
Everyone must know the history, Indian and Other Nations. Knowing the history of eminent leaders also a must. Reading anything will add to the existing knowledge. I will recommend Siliconindia also for good reading mostly of technical information. But i will always recommend Google and Wikipedia.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Experience was ruling the business. But now professionals took over the domain. Professionalism and expertise both combination would be dominating any field.
Career Profile:
Of course my current role is entirely different from the past. Different in the sense i have full options to try benevolent to the company. I do it.
Job Profile:
Maintaining quality management system of ISO, website improvement, online sales and assaying.
Growth Strategy:
Updating knowledge and share with colleagues. Learning what is happening around.
Advice For New Professionals:
Learn, practice and get done. Move forward with different ideas. Try always new concepts.
Role Model:
A railway retired employee is my role model and inspiration is reading always. I learnt the habit of reading from him. Calm, polite and pondering nature. Never will show emotions.
Degrees That Matter:
Any degree which throws new concepts of design and development.
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