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Vamsi Mohan
Vamsi Mohan

Vamsi Mohan

Delivery Manager at Trelleborg



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Without branding it will be difficult to survive SMEs (Small and medium enterprises) in the competitive world.
Marketing and sales are both activities aimed at increasing revenue. They are so closely intertwined that people often don’t realize the difference between the two. Indeed, in small organizations, the same people typically perform both sales and marketing tasks. Nevertheless, marketing is different from sales and as the organization grows, the roles and responsibilities become more specialized.
Importance of STP
Market segmentation, Targeting and Positioning are helpful for effective and efficient business, we should seek out our target customer market.

Market segmentation involves grouping various customers into segments that have common needs or will respond similarly to a marketing action. Each segment will respond to a different marketing mix strategy, with each offering alternate growth and profit opportunities.

After segmenting the market based on the different groups and classes, we need to choose our targets. No one strategy will suit all consumer groups, so being able to develop specific strategies for our target markets is very important.

Positioning is developing a product and brand image in the minds of consumers. It can also include improving a customer's perception about the experience they will have if they choose to purchase your product or service. The business can positively influence the perceptions of its chosen customer base through strategic promotional activities.
Marketing is one of the most important aspects that entrepreneurs should consider for their businesses since it is a potent force that directly affects productivity and sales. In some instances, copywriters are hired to handle the advertisements more efficiently.

It is through marketing that an enterprise can assess its level of profitability and brand popularity. Failure to apply effective strategies in this field can potentially put a company at risk since it can be difficult competing against other more renowned businesses.
Brief yourself
Dr.Vamsi Mohan is a Solution Architect (SA), consultant, trainer, and advisor. He is result oriented and well known for his strategic and analytical abilities. With a broad experience in IT services, strategy, governance and new technology solutions and products, he is a well-rounded and complete professional, bringing all of his 12 years of IT experience into the program management practice focusing on delivering excellent value to customers. He has worked in BFSI, CRM, Manufacturing and Telecom domains. Vamsi holds a Masters degree in Computer Science and Ph.D., in Computer Science. A certified Rational Architect and RUP Consultant; he helps his clients effectively apply Project Management Practices on their software projects. Vamsi also takes a keen interest in mentoring junior employees and has a passion for writing on technology and management.
Importance of On line marketing
Online marketing is a well-known field in marketing that is related to the world of internet. Performing marketing related activities by using internet medium for conveying a message or information to target customers is called online marketing. It is also called digital marketing, internet marketing, e-marketing, search marketing and web marketing. Internet is growing at a faster rate, virtualization taking place everywhere. In this situation engaging in online promotional activities can help your business a lot to achieve company goals and marketing objectives.
Importance of Marketing
I am basically from IT Services. But responsible for Pre-Sales and Vendor Management.
Future trend
#1. Encourage to play (through social media)
Facebook likes were the start and the finish of Facebook marketing. Obtain 100,000 likes and you could reach a big crowd. Facebook becoming public means the shareholders want a return. That means that free reach is diminishing and paying for it is almost becoming the necessary evil.

#2. Brands out-publish traditional publishers
Social media has given us the power, platforms and world reaching networks to all become publishers. Innovative and creative brands and businesses are realizing that social media and content publishing are synergistic cousins and cohorts. Create multimedia content and share it on social networks and you start global conversations.

#3. Social mobile is now mandatory
The rise of mobiles and their almost universal acceptance and use means that optimizing your social content for mobile is vital.
Recommendation for digital marketing insights.
Silicon India for regular updates.
Role in an organization
I am a IT Delivery Manager responsible for Strategic sourcing and Program Management. Responsible for multi-million software projects execution. Managing various vendors and Pre-Sales activities are part of the Job responsibilities.
Motivating Factor
New strategies and engagements.
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