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Vaibhav Kulkarni
Vaibhav Kulkarni

Vaibhav Kulkarni

Senior Product Engineer

BMC Software


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Being different
Engineering is typically perceived as an activity with hard facts and deep technical knowledge, as per my understanding which is only one side of the coin. The other and may be the more important side of the coin is being creative, artistic and innovative while applying engineering concepts for e.g. whenever we like a piece of engineering we always say its beautiful let it be a bridge a dam or an iPAD. As far as I am concerned I believe that artistic engineering with innovative skills makes the difference.
My important career decision
Hands on Core Software Product Development and continuing the same...
Making job easier
I think soft-skills really make the difference when it comes to working easily and properly. I have seen that healthy and helping atmosphere in the organization really makes the difference.
My strongest Skill
- Solving the real world problems that end user faces using technology
- Worked on broad range of technologies with depth of knowledge in some.
- Willingness to learn adapt new technologies and accept changes quickly.
Company and job profile
I started my career as entrepreneur in Software Product Development in 2001 but my actual interest in computers began when I was 17 years old and got my first computer with 512 KB RAM and 4MB HDD. In past twelve years I have worked on array of technologies, frameworks, platforms and programming languages. Also active in mobile computing domain from 2001 when mobile phones were just phones with few inbuilt apps. I have seen ups and downs in Mobile Computing domain with technology shifts from J2ME/BREW programming to Android. I am currently working with IT Infrastructure Solutions Company where we help customers cut costs, reduce risk and achieve business objectives with the broadest choice of IT management solutions, including industry-leading Business Service Management and Cloud Management offerings. I am working in R&D division of my company primarily responsible for end to end delivery of several components from a suite of Products, so basically complete Product development.
My achievement
Starting career as entrepreneur and executing projects of own. Though could not continue it for long due to personal reasons.
My advice
- Enter in software product development only if you are passionate about technology and not salary. Because it is too fast changing industry and only passion can keep you going.
My role model
Steve jobs. I think the name sufficiently describes everything.
Goals and Ambitions
Use of technology to make life easier on earth for all living creatures.
Managing professional as well as personal life
Law of diminishing returns!!!E.g Adding more workers to a job, such as assembling a car on a factory floor. At some point, adding more workers causes problems such as getting in each other's way, or workers frequently find themselves waiting for access to a part.
Current Trends
Social Networking
Cloud Computing
Mobile Devices
Books recommended
The Steve Jobs Way: iLeadership for a New Generation
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
We do develop products in India. But we work for MNC's. Indian companies focuses on service more than products because of quicker ROI in service sector. If Indian companies spent on innovation and R&D we will succeed.
Challenges faced in job
Working on the edge of technology shifts. The pace of change is such that being on the edge is difficult but eventually it helps in future.
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