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Uday Shashikant Desai
Uday Shashikant Desai

Uday Shashikant Desai

Accenture Services Pvt. Ltd



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My role model
Amir Khan is my role model as he is good visionary and a realistic person. He loves India and his people and that he shows in his movies. He is very brainy and innovative and a perfactionist. He is well disciplined nd does every thing withing limit of law and order and constitution. He is not interested in any award or position but he likes to share his vision and feeling and mark a valuable point. He enjoys good health and nutrition and hence remains fit. He is not just actor, director or producer but a great entrepreneur. He looks to be free in nature and nothing can tie him down not even his wife as he got married again. Watching his movies is a great treat.
Managing professional as well as personal life
It is like Switch, once you leave office you stop thinking about office and focus on your family priority and enjoyment. Once on job you should be thinking about job only. ofcourse it does not happen as it is IT and many time these rules get violated as more attention is required in office or sometime work. but they both can be compensated. You promise to spend a good vacation to kids so they become happy and at office you promise to achieve deadline. Trick of the trade is you never try to make both of them happy at a time. Instead set priority and act accordingly, sometime you need to make anyone unhappy.
Challenges faced in job
To do the same job in better way. This is the decider which makes loose or win in competition. Focusing on doing the job better way. sometime you become competitor of yourself. And when you do this then you surely get boss's attention. Performing in tough time teaches you so many thing that you will not learn in your normal work mode. Keeping cheerful and spreding positivity nad goodwill makes me come in frontline.
Being different
I guess my bigest positive point is application of knowledge and bringing timely and accurate results every time needed consistantly. Doing people management is different from this, here you need to be a strong human being with good values. These are my unbeatable points to compete with others.
My advice
You need to focus on job and do harwork. Add discipline to it, no one can stop you. Admire and respect good people and seniors and 50% of your work is done. Do not run after money and position they will follow you automatically if you are good enough. Make lasting relationships to keep your life good.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
It needs only one thing and that is environment. Government has to create a structure in country where these bright talent comes up. Little bit of change is required on cultural fron as well.
My strongest Skill
It is harwork and dedication accompanied by decipline. Work passionately so all others also join the party. Thus you automatically do good for you and your team.
Books recommended
Self improvement and management.
Goals and Ambitions
I want to remain in SAP and want to move ahead in a better position as I believe I have the necessary ingridiants for it. I wan to be busy and buzzing.
My achievement
I donated my entire body to dorso. I have made blood donations whenever there is emergency and will continue to do it. I have moved a long way coming to my current position. I have stood on top slot in my school and diploma in college. I have won people and changed them for good.
Company and job profile
Ever Since I had graduated from Mumbai University as Electronic Engineer, I have been in IT. Total 17 years in IT and 13 years in SAP. This is due to my strong conviction that my career has to be in IT. In the beginning there were chills and Spills for some years, but yes ever since I got the first break in SAP, I have never looked back. In SAP I worked gradualy to better and better organization and better positions. I worked under very enthusiastic seniors and they had provided me good chance to grow and develope as an expert. I work in Accenture right now and doing very complex work. I work as associate manager handling SAP ABAP team nad having managerial and techno functional skills. My office is near my house and that allows me to spend good time with my family. i have an ambition to be part of senior management
My important career decision
Decision to move to Gujarat from mumbai away from family and wife to join manufacturing company for making career in SAP. This decision stands one of the biggest turn around in my life for good.
Making job easier
Good relationship and friendship with your peers, sub-ordinates and seniors.
Current Trends
SAP coming up with HANA and Cloud computing. Also mobile application and automation in coding in SAP 7.0 is a great break through.
Family Background
My parents are retired and they enjoy talking to me in evening and take care of me and my children. They had successful stint in their jobs. My wife is a dedicated teacher and I enjoy her company as well. My blood runs in veins becuase of kids as they are very imporatnt to me in my life.
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