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Titli Chatterjee
Titli Chatterjee

Titli Chatterjee

Market Research Professional

Tata Consultancy Services


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About Myself
I am a result-oriented person who believes there is no short cut to success. I should be proud of whatever i have attained, my achievements rather than my race, culture, creed. On the professional front, i posses an aggressive attitude and believe in progressive learning.
View s for better India
Fresh talent is always welcome across geographies. Their innovative thought process can indeed be a step-up in development of nation. The unique flow of ideas, resultant of the superficial grey matter of the students right from developing a defensive lingerie for a woman to launching the product requires efficiency and strong participation from today's youth. The political scenario and the corporate world require volunteers as well to uplift the nation's sentiments and emboss as a developed stage or nation.
Most influenced factor
As every kid, my career options used to take a different path every-time trying to set a goal. But gradual nurturing and analyzing my potential has helped me to chalk a focused path. My parents have been a continuous source of guidance, although the attribute of professionalism have been derived from my father throughout. However, my passion for research was transitioned into skill during my graduation after which it i decided on my short term career objective to be a research/business analyst.
Time Management
My professional experience in addition to my work-life balance helps me to prioritize decisions based on availability of resources and commitment within a specific time span. Managing everything single-handedly both at the professional and domestic front gives me a sense of urgency, thus makes it easier to chart down the issues which need immediate supervision
First Job Expectation
While looking for a job I would prioritize job satisfaction as the foremost check, since i would be able to nurture and polish my skills through learning in the field of research and analytic as i work and deliver results. The other two priorities would be my compensation and workplace.
Most proud accomplishment
Every single day plays a pivotal role in my life. Right from my graduation to my higher studies and at the professional front whatever I have achieved is just the trivia. Amongst this from being the University topper in graduation, passing higher studies with flying colors extra are the basic components of my accomplishment. I feel at this stage being a mother of a beautiful daughter and managing all tasks single-handedly makes the ground reality and a sense of accomplishment.
Most flourishing college experience
My most rewarding college experience was being the topper in the field of HR from West Bengal University of Technology in my final year, appointed as the College Representative while pursuing MBA from Bangalore and of course securing scholarship for my graduation are some of the rewards during my college.
Family Background
I am brought up in a nuclear family with no siblings, however my upbringing had been both liberal and disciplined at the same time. My parents balancing both tradition and sharing a relationship of trust, respect creating a friendly environment. My mother was a teacher in Don Bosco School, Kolkata while my father controls an Analytical Lab testing edible oils and a Quality Consultant. My uncle is an Economic Advisor in CDC, US. While my maternal uncle is Joint Commisioner , Sales Tax WB.
Spare time activities
I enjoy reading basically.. reading novels serves my leisure, in addition I also read journals and happenings round the globe. Apart from this talking and being in a conversation is a good stress buster for me. While listening to music specially old classics, semi classicals and ghazals every other thing might take a back seat.
Additional information
My passion for research helped me learn a lot and still in the learning process,. This progressive learning enabled me to be a part of varied groups, universities. Since my thesis for appkication of MS was widely accepted in some of the UK universities, and was invited by Anglia Ruskin University as one of the delegates. Apart from this my white paper was selected by HR Summit, Bangalore for final presentation.
Favorite subject
Strongest subject academically is HR and Innovation. I have continued doing research in this field and feel it needs a facelift as per the subject based on which I had prepared a thesis on The War of Talent. However, my current focus has been on market research and analytic since my job relates to the same serving the CPG industry for Nielsen.
Career Expectations
My field of study, Manpower management is the nucleus of any organization. Thus , HR representative on the board and creation of an innovation lab could be some of the areas of focus for a lift in the field. Literature study shows there have been progress in managing manpower and yet a lot has to be done to nurture the war of talent.
Favorite Books and Articles
The last non academic book I had read was a contemporary novel "Tea for two and a piece of cake" by Preeti Shenoy and I could relate it. The novel free from flowery words was pragmatic enough and depicted a woman's individuality which I always appreciate whoever it may be. I got a reason to live afresh after reading this novel.
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