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Swapnil Avinash Sulakhe
Swapnil Avinash Sulakhe

Swapnil Avinash Sulakhe

Principal Consultant

Vitasta Consulting Pvt. Ltd.


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Growth Prospect in marketing
Though the trend is changing in recent times, traditionally it is the marketing
person who has had the optimum chance to rise within an organization and move
to the corner office.
The biggest reason for this is that the marketing person is, generally speaking, at
the heart of the organization. It is the marketing person who is responsible for the
organizations top line & in due course the bottom line as well.
When organizations were funded primarily by internal accruals, the marketing
persons’ role was critical to say the least.
Hence over a period of time, it was the marketing person who called the shots &
grew faster within the organization. The situation, like I mentioned earlier is
changing but not as much or as fast as the other streams may like 
Importance of Marketing
As a Marketing person for my organization, I am a chief revenue driver so to speak.
As a person responsible for handling the client end of the business, it is imperative
that I and my team do achieve our desired end results consistently.
In my role I am responsible for the entire life cycle of the client side of the business
– right from acquisition of the client to the final delivery of the clients’ needs.
In this, I have to ensure that the operation is commercially viable and there is short
term as well as long term value creation at either end.
Suggestions to aspirants
the right kind of training & the will to work hard!
Importance of sales
For me “Sales” is the implementation of the vision that Marketing has. Marketing
essentially sets the goals and the path the organization takes to achieve these goals.
It is Sales which will then walk the talk so to speak.
As a result, any organization is essentially incomplete without Sales.
Recommended Courses and Certification
Though it may not be the only criteria, a professional qualification in marketing
from a good B School is definitely a distinct advantage. A basic degree in
Engineering will also be of help to him as it will train his mind in number
crunching which is so useful, though not necessary.
Apart from this, there is just no substitute to the need for walking that extra mile to
learn the tricks of the trade.
Simply put a good quality academic background and good old hard work!
Importance of On line marketing
It is a new age challenge and needs to be addressed and addressed well. In fact
companies, even the brick and mortar kinds, will win or lose corporate wars “on
The markets are going online, customer is going online and transactions are going
online so does a marketer have a choice to be left behind. It is a moving target and
we as marketers have to lead it to hit it well.
For me Marketing means the process by which one generates the optimal value for
the goods and services for the organization they are a part of.
As a logical consequence of this definition, this remains the most important pillar
in any organization.
In today’s world all the functions in an organization are increasingly being
evaluated by the “value” that they bring to the organization. The Marketing
function is different only in so far as much that this “value” is often calculated in
revenue terms, Gross profit terms, market share terms and on mind share of the
customer terms.
Achieving Targets
As a marketing head, my primary role is to assist and facilitate, not spoon feed, my
junior colleagues to seek out solutions to the problems that they may have.
The philosophy I use is to teach them to fish rather than fish for them.
As a result therefore the organization has one more person within its midst who can
fish. This then has a virtuous effect within the organization and helps everyone to
Future prospect
I see myself heading an organization which has operations in multiple countries,
will be making a positive contribution to the careers of people as well as the
economy of the countries my organization will operate in.
Positioning the product
The “positioning” of the products, more so in the service industry that I operate in,
is a function of the “value” that we as an organization & I as an individual
communicate and deliver to the client.
Hence therefore, when prospecting clients, it is necessary that we have a more than
fair understanding of the clients’ business & where all in their business cycle I will
be able to add value.
Also, as organizations grow in age, the organizations past performance in a specific
domain is also a factor that helps the organization ‘position’ their products (and
services) appropriately.
It is Branding that will differentiate the men from the boys. It is Branding that will
drive an organization to be competitive, to be quality conscious and that will hence
create value for both parties involved in any transaction – the buyer as well as the
Importance of STP
This is of absolute and critical importance. More so in the service industry. How an
organization can differentiate itself from the other products and services available
in the market will essentially make and break most organizations.
What can be achieved
I will like to answer this question by the cliché that there are no limits to what
anyone, not just a marketing person, can achieve.
What is needed is that one ought to have the right intentions and the necessary
drive to chase and achieve what one desires.
Role in an organization
My role in the organization is at three distinct levels. The primary role is to manage
client side of the business so as to ensure that the pre-determined targets are
The second part is operational in nature wherein I handle key strategic level
mandates for out clients.
At the third level my role is also to mentor the sales as well as operations teams to
help them achieve their set goals.
– right from acquisition of the client to the final delivery of the clients’ needs.
In this, I have to ensure that the operation is commercially viable and there is short
term as well as long term value creation at either end.
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