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Sushil Kadu
Sushil Kadu

Sushil Kadu

Senior PMO Analyst

Amdocs India

Thoughts on Education system of our country
It needs drastic improvement, you can't measure talent or skills based on 3 hours of exam.
Important lesson learned
As Swami Vivekanand said " Win is bigger if wait is longer", i have learned to be patient. Sometimes nothing happens as per plan and it feels so unfair. But it's all about keep moving, whatever the difficulties are, don't stop.
My family background
My father worked in Indian Army and was part of both wars against Pakistan. He joned Tata Motors after retiring from Army. My mother is housewife and glue who keeps all of us together. My wife was working but recently left job. Two brothers who are working in diffrent fields.
My achievements
I am proud of whatever i have achived in life but biggest of them all is to stay united with family irespective of all the difficulties.
My strongest skill
I belive my communication skill and people management skills are my streangth.
Influenced by
Anthony Robbins, he made me what i am today. He changed my belif system and gave me whole new vision to look at world.
Ensuring success
I try and learn new skills, continual improvement is key.
Initiative to develop a country
Just by paying taxes we can't help India, put step forward and help society.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
You have to understand people and their mind set, so it's important to be in control but not to impose anything on team.
My role model
Sachin Tendulkar, his dedication and hardwork.
Important decision
To do things my way and what i fell is correct and not to follow crowed.
Brief description about me
My name is Sushil Kadu, i am from Pune.Started carrier as supply chain industry and then moved to IT-Telecomm sector.I am currently working with Amdocs India as Subject matter expert for PMO and IT operations. I am self-confessed fitness freak and think myself as athlete rather than IT professional.I love to visit places and fortunately being in IT gives me lots of opportunities to travel.Except travel my other interest area is reading books specially biographies and motivational , i am great follower of Anthony Robbins.He is prime example of how someone can make difference in your life just through writing. I love to try continental cuisine, specially food with low carb and high protein :).Life has given me everything, lovely family, beautiful wife, great friends, exciting job and excellent colleagues, could not ask for more. With special someone life is always great and happening. My motto in life is "Live with passion" and don't stop because you are tired,stop only when you are done
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