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Suresh Kumar
Suresh Kumar

Suresh Kumar

Founder of

Blogs (2)
Current Job & Role
I am the founder of I have more than 16 years of experience in investment world. I do a 9 to 6 job, but out of my passion I created this blog. I like analysing various investment products
Family Background
I am married to Madhavi who has lot of patience. I have a naughty son Akhil and sweet daughter Apoorva.
Challenges in profession
Accounting/Finance Profession lacks people now. With the growing demand, supply is very less.
Career Expectation
My aim is to take as top blog in India by 2015. This is a free blog providing un-biased advice. Our suggest-a-topic feature enables request from investors on the topic what they want. Most of the requests honoured and we have provided detailed analysis on such topics. Jul-2013 month was a high peak for our blog where more than 22,000 daily investors visited our blog where majority are tax payers. Each and every query has been analysed and answered. We built trust among investors for such a free website hence the viewers increased
Journey in corporate world
Corporate world is competitive. You can be part of this world only if you can change and mould yourself on daily basis. Else you can be thrown out of it.
Way to ensure growth
Every day is a learning for me. I would think that I have stopped growing when I do not learn anything on a day. I learn from my colleagues, peers, my wife and my kids.
Outlook about India as A developed country
We should ask ourselves, why we are not one more USA ? The answer is simple. Do it right at first time. Do it straight. Put 8 hours effectively in office. If you are business men, don't delay decisions. "just do it". You would see this kind of culture in USA which is the top most country in the world.
I still remember my biggest achievement in my previous company which was during my appraisal. My ex-manager asked me what are your goals? I said I do not have any. He laughed and educated me. He asked me to do MBA (I was only B.Com graduate that time). I had 1 year son, and I said I cannot do it. He asked me to create goal to do MBA. I have just kept that thought and in two years, I had my MBA. I felt this was my biggest achievement... Another biggest achievement is creating blog. I never thought I would do that. But like I was struggling to know good investment options, I felt many others also would be facing similar challenges. I felt there is a need for a blog where investors queries should be answered. There are several blogs, but they just put the query without any response. There are more than 5000 questions answered on our blog in last 1 year.
Outlook about option to start career again
It is easy to start our career all over again. We can ignore our mistakes, consider our achievements and move on. I feel I can be more successful to start my career all over again.
Essential qualities
While knowledge in investment and stock market field are necessary, I feel, communication and patience are most required.
Advice for followers
Keep a goal, work towards that, be patient, communicate to your customers even if you are not able to deliver something on time.
Recommending References
"You can win" from Shiv Kera is a good book where I got inspired. I still remember a book given by our HR colleague on "How to achieve goals faster". I am not able to recall the author name of that book. There are several websites too like valueresearchonline,, where I keep updating myself in my field
New trends in domain
Accessing internet through mobile is the top technology change which is happening now which would effect our investment domain.
Important Career Decision
Don't accept what is coming on the way. Do what you like and what is required. These decisions helped me to choose right path.
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