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Suraj Deo Prasad
Suraj Deo Prasad

Suraj Deo Prasad

Senior Management


Initiative to develop a country
Work for efficiency in terms of manpower requirement, energy requirement, time required to complete a job, standardize the item and the activity. Improve it to achieve new mile stones. Develop competitors and achieve the best best among them.
Ensuring success
Consistent up-gradation to latest development in professional field is the most important bow in my arch to keep myself ahead of all my peers.
Perseverance, Dedication, Confidence and compassion to my work are the stepping stones to achieve my goals and targets in all walk of my life. May it be the time management between professional and personal life or taking multimillion dollar decision at my site.
In my opinion the closing activity of an assignment which we see as the closer of the file, is in fact opening several new opportunities in life. I never let these opportunities go in vain. Grab these opportunities and add it to your profile to go further up the ladder.
Human resource is yet another source of success if they are motivated in right direction. With this the work efficiency increases in geometric progression.
Important lesson learned
1. Always handle a problem with open mind i.e. without any prejudice.
2. Set your goal much high than what you can achieve and try consistently to achieve. The moment you get close to it set your goal further high.
3. Take up those challenges which your compatriot shy away. The risk – Success will put you above board – Failure will doom you forever.
4. All activities should run parallel; there is no activity which has higher priority than the others. It is our slackness in the past which makes an activity urgent.
5. Family should be given the highest priority. A happy family strengthens your moral to take up any challenge with a big smiley.
6. Develop your subordinate such that he can replace you. Thus, you will free to take up new and challenging assignments – Power of delegation.
7. It is always the team that wins; an individual can scintillate for a moment but cannot out perform a team.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
1. Every person has both bad quality and good quality. Promote his good quality for the success of your plan and demand to improve upon his bad quality.
2. Touch of humanity is the most critical part of becoming a leader. Listen sympathetically to the problem that your co-member is facing and help him out to come out of the problem.
3. Always talk with compassion but firm decisions should be delivered to keep you rolling on to your desired path.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
1. Our education system is more theoretical than practice. Students are subject to bookish knowledge and the knowledge is judged by the power of cramming the subject matter. It should be more of practical than the theoretical. Students should be exposed to books and they should be exposed to exercise those learning in real life. This can be done by creating such environment i.e. by exhibitions, forum for article publication, forum for delivering thought provocating idea, science hall for experimentation on a regular basis. It should not be an annual affair because idea blinks for a moment and dies down over the period in the absence of proper avenues. Students should know the power of patent, copy right and other requirement set by WTO for all round of the students and India as a whole.
My strongest skill
Management of resources is my strongest professional skill which helps in maintaining minimum inventory and maximum efficiency of the resources. Thus, the overall cost of the system is lowered.
Maintenance of plant equipment is yet another strong skill. Well maintained equipment ensures reliability and availability of the plant which in turn ensure consistent production to add value and profitability for the stakeholders. While doing so the ethical values for the well fare of stake holders are always on the top of my mind.
My achievements
1. Successfully supported my family at the time when needed it the most.
2. Won 1st Prize in Model Club exhibition at my engineering college.
3. Successfully designed and developed a machine to salvage entangled Aluminum wire for SMS at SAIL, Rourkela which saved the company a sum Rs. 75000/Month.
4. Successfully designed and developed drive system for Mixing drum at Adhunik Metaliks Limited which saved the company nearly USD 1,200,000 per annum.
5. Successfully designed and developed screen for Hot Vibrating screen at Adhunik Metaliks Limited which reduced the breakdown time by more than 65%.
6. Successfully designed and developed LPG header and burner for gas heating system for Coke oven battery which saved the company nearly Rs. 3,00,00,000 per heating and reduced the heating from 15 days to 5 days at Adhunik Metaliks Limited. It was the 1st successful endeavor by a company in heating coke oven battery by LPG Gas.
7. Successfully designed and developed water channel system.
My family background
1. My father is a retired railway employee. Mother expired when I was only 24 years old. I have one younger brother and two younger sisters. Now, they are well settled. My brother graduated in Electrical engineering and currently working abroad and both of my sisters are leading happily married house wife.
2. My wife is a successful house wife. She graduated in arts and happily raising my two daughters.
Brief description about me
Graduated in Mechanical Engineering from BIT, Sindri and later after twenty years of service I completed my MBA (PGDM) from XIM, Bhubaneshwar. I am a highly ambitious person and I do not leave the hope till the last hour. I feel I work more efficiently under pressure.
I joined SAIL as MTT at Rourkela Steel Plant in 1993. Working under the umbrella of GM (Mechaical), I learnt the maintenance practices in an integrated steel plant. After 12 years of work with SAIL, I felt dis-satisfaction with my slow career growth and insufficient job enrichment. I decided to switch to private sector to pursue my dream of successful person in 2005. And I grew to the rank of Asst. Vice President in my current assignment.
Important decision
I have taken a number of decisions along my way to come up to this position. Following are few ones:-
1. Left my higher studies at IIT, Kanpur to support my family by joining SAIL in 1993.
2. Continued with my voracious reading appetite to kept myself updated with latest techniques of market and applied those in my professional carrier to keep myself distinctly visible.
3. Many times went against my boss’s decision in accomplishing a task.
4. Left my well settled public sector job to achieve my coveted carrier goal of becoming head of plant in 1993 and joined Jindal SAW Limited in 2005.
5. Left Jindal to progress fast in the ladder to Adhunik Metaliks in 2006 after nearly 21 months.
6. Decided to pursue my Black Belt in Six Sigma course from ISI, Bangalore in 2009.
7. Decided to pursue my higher study of MBA (Part time) from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar in 2011.
8. Left Adhunik to join Monnet Ispat and Energy Limited, Raigarh to test my technical capability in big plant
Couple of years from now
CEO of a big company or A successful businessman.
Degree that I recommend
1. B.E./ B.Tech.
2. MBA
Influenced by
1. My wife. Because she motivates me to take risk. She listens my plan patiently and criticizes most of my plans vehemently. This makes me to improve my plan further till she approves it either will fully or nagging.
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