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Sujay Ghosh
Sujay Ghosh

Sujay Ghosh

Tech Blogger and Researcher in Chemistry

Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics

Blogs (2)

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Required Reading:
As a tech blogger I would like to suggest you vising Digital Inspiration, Lifehacker, Raymond cc blogs, Wilderssecurity forum for cybersecurity related discussions.
As a researcher in chemistry, Feynmann Lecture is worth read for all.
Wikipedia, Google are two websites I visit for all kinds of info.
Growth Strategy:
i always try to be honest and as clear as possible to my followers. These help to build faith. I am a perfectionist and so I always stick to things unless I can satisfy myself. So, in my opinion honesty, clarity, perfection and hard work are the keys to success in any type of field.
Advice For New Professionals:
Like I replied to the previous question, be honest, clear, perfect and hard working. You will get success in any field you are in.
The Journey So Far:
Frankly speaking I am still a researcher in Chemistry and would like to stay there. I am not sure if Blogging can be called a corporate world, but if it is then I must say that I started that accidentally with Techno360 blog and after gaining popularity I finally decided to start my own blog.
Job Profile:
I am currently a senior research fellow at Chemical Sciences Division, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata. But I always stay with my blog Insights in Technology whenever I get time. I am the sole author and editor there.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
As a blogger, the accomplishment I can think about is achieving Google Page Rank of 2 for Insights in Technology with in 2 months of time.
As a researcher, my first journal have been accepted recently to be published in Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A.
Career Profile:
Previously I was very reluctant to take anything seriously other than my study but currently I am getting more serious in managing the field of blogging and research because both are quite different in scope and nature.
Degrees That Matter:
Nothing special. Got my Masters from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and got qualified in NET and GATE successfully. I don't hold any degree in Computers. everything is self motivated there.
Done Differently:
If I had a chance to start over again, I would rather have chosen to get a degree in computer. I would have loved to know about coding and hardware. That way I could be more specialized and perfect in maintaining a blog and website.
The Decisions That Matter
Starting my personal blog, Insights in Technology.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
Every Professional Environment look tough at first and with time it looks friendlier. The same thing happened to my research life. In my blog, everything was very hard to understand in the beginning since I didn't have much technical knowledge but now it looks better.
Other Thoughts:
Well, it looks nice that Silicon India is taking this initiative.
Role Model:
In blogging, my role model is Amit Agarwal of Digital Inspiration. I know I don't have an expertize like him but I liked the way he extended his blogging profile.
in rsearch, my role model is Prof. Samita basu, my supervisor. She is so down to earth and still maintains everything so perfectly.
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