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Ask Suja Theakkilkandathil John for Advice
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Suja Theakkilkandathil John
Suja Theakkilkandathil John

Suja Theakkilkandathil John

Suja John



Suja Theakkilkandathil John is a member of:

Family Background
Well I come from a family of five,I have two siblings,The eldest married and settled in Oman and the younger she is pursuing her studies in delhi,both my parents are settled in kerala.
Contribution to the field
I am employed with Spacelabs Healthcare,we are into patient monitoring and telemetry,cardiac holter and anesthesia machines,There are days when things are a little low but at the end of the day whatever efforts I put through brings a smile to some ailing one somewhere,that makes my day!!!
I have always wanted to help the needy and educate the underpriviliged and today I am sponsoring a child,I take time to visit the missionaries of charity because it brings all the joy to my life.
Scaling up the ladder:
Well I have been in the healthcare for the past four years as a biomedical service engineer in a hospital in Pune,As an Application specialist,technical trainer In L & T Medical and now currently as a Product Evaluation Engineer in The R & D of Spacelabs Healthcare,I have accomplished myself d best!
Personal Description:
I am a person who believes that what you believe is what you attract,I am a easy going person,takes matters lightly and makes sure I do not hurt anyone's feelings,I give my entire dedication in what I do to reap the best,I am what I am.
Book/Websites to go through:
I am person who reads a lot of fiction so that would not bring as such any success but makes you creative and Daring but yes
Current job Description:
As a quality person in here I personally ensure only the best is out in the market as our equipments help in saving lives,the slightest defect can lead to disaster,So I feel very responsible and makes sure since I am the last phase of the sign off no stone is unturned!!
Achieving Success:
Infact women are the best its only that very few succeed in that as they are determined and believe in themselves whereas the rest lose hope and think they are the weaker sex and has to give up at some point of time.
Be strong and and let nothing come your way of taking your own decisions,you are no way less than your male counterpart,They may be appearing to be physically strong but we are strong in mind and thats how it is!!
After few years:
I see myself as an (Head of the healthcare sector)established women in the healthcare industry who would employ more women as they are best in what they do.
Opinion on women leaders:
They are leaders coz of their willingness to prove
Success through professionalism:
I have understood that you should not rely on anyone but whatever small work you do strive to be the best in what you do and the rest gradually follows,after all how long can someone bring you down if you are the best ?
Doing differently:
I would try to make the world a better place as I was young and stupid with a lot of arrogance to fight the world,whereas I am still young jus 25 but became wiser day by day,If I could roll back time I would be the best where I was proved to wrong though I wasnt.
Family Background:
Now I am married jus 3 months back and I am just the same like I was,still making everyday better to succeed in my career,I am pusuing my MBA from IIBM,work and studies and family hand in hand and my husband is very supportive in everything I do.
Turning point:
Like all I had lost hope for a while when I left my job at L & T,I was jobless for 5 months and I never took a penny from any,It was difficult but I was determined I would get the job I wanted and eventually got into Spacelabs that too in the R & D division where I wanted to.
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