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Sudhira Spurthi Kj
Sudhira Spurthi Kj

Sudhira Spurthi Kj




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Where YOU meet LIFE and LIFE meets YOU...

Yeah...Thisz where you can meet ur life. Join as a member, participate, blog, share, donate

The difference!

Relaxing is what we enjoy at the moment and regret later... Working is what we regret at the moment and enjoy later! Be smart to choose between the two!
In your working career so for, please share with us what have been top 2 or 3 accomplishments/work experience/your contributions to this field.
I'm a Blogger n I've been blogging since 2010.Besides writing novels,n other hobbies I've chosen blogging as my full time profession.Got selected for WIPRO as SW Engineer recently.I'll weigh my priorities before accepting or turning down the offer,coz IT can make a living,but writing makes my life!
Challenges faced:
As far as concerned with me, blogging is the corporate field I've known. It's not hard establishing a blog, but keeping it going & winning hearts of people is. For non-business blogs like ours, we are not paid, but still we stick to it for the love of writing. Check out 'PASSIONS' on
Achieving Success:
I would suggest, when working, women should forget they are 'Women',coz women have some common problems, but men too have their own. But what really matters is intellect is genderless. Inventions don't bother gender 881984 so shouldn't a woman. I bet, men aint superior to women in anyway except in gender
A leader is to lead people to become leaders themselves, but not manage them pertaining them to the last ladder of success forever. A true leader follows first, leads later, learns from everyone & stands as a lesson to everyone. She's an open dictionary that gives meaning to anyone who look into her
Personal Description:
Wow! 'Wow, is what I feel abt me whenever I look at the mirror, coz I don't see just my face, but my everyday short-term accomplishments that score up to the long-term accomplishment, me!' I love my family, my frnds & kids. I'm successfully thrusting ahead in the field of writing. Made a book,a blog
Turning point:
The beginning stages... I struggled for a concrete interface to give form to the abstract, inbuilt world within me. Hardly had any knowledge about the sources that took it long to establish my world, but now I'm conquering it, seamless! Got felicitated & acclaimed by nationally renowned dignitaries.
Book/Websites to go through:
The most awaited part. Just peep into 'PASSIONS' 881984, the best book I suggest. Besides, check into 'Women in leadership' 881984 other books by Priya Florence, 'You connecting with...YOU' by Manisha Gupta on '' the best blog I'd suggest.Try't
3 best lessons I've learnt through my life, 1.Be what you are! 2.Know what you are! 3.Then the world will know what you were & are!
If I have a choice to love or hate someone, I'd choose LOVE, coz in the end it's not between them & me, but its between God & me. Life's too short, live it with love!
Attributes of Leadership:
Leaders are not born & were neither made. They turned out to be leaders, only bcoz others were just trying to discover themselves within a crowd, when the people who wanted to stand out became leaders. Everyone, even a criminal needs a chance in life, to change & 'to change'. Let not the devil die!
Essential qualities:
Women need to trust in themselves first in a male dominant society like ours. They need to discover & espouse the idea that 'if there's no woman, there's no human race'. They may be physically weak than men, but ain't really if they start to believe they ain't. Thought makes all the difference! Try.
After few years:
I like to see me anywhere, where I can be me, really me! After 5 yrs I only want to see there are no more leaders, coz everyone's a leader! The world lives in harmony, trust and hope. And that day I wanna see me the leader of it all among many other leaders! I wanna see me the conqueror of my senses
Extra Certification:
Anything that suits their brio,right from gardening to baby sitting on a holiday.What work is less worth? Frankly nothing.There's nothing more than the joy of contentment.I can suggest,do online jobs,interactive jobs,try to develop a game SW though u don't work for any IT sector. Try it & you'll knw
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