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Subhash Chandra Pandey
Subhash Chandra Pandey

Subhash Chandra Pandey

Self employed

ABP Pvt Ltd


Subhash Chandra Pandey is a member of:

Family Background
I come from a very humble family background. My father served in the Indian Army (Infantry & Intelligence) now retired, mother a housewife. Brother is a Veterinary doctor and sister a teacher in a govt school. My wife is an Art Coservator, and son and daughter study in junior wing in a pvt school.
Contribution to the field
A healthy work culture is the key to success of an organization, which is what I constantly try to develop by engaging with the staff with regard to their problems faced by them in marketing the products and the organization to clients and also to understand the internal issues and find solution.
Future prospect
I want to head an organization which has a deep rooted honest approach towards its customers and has earned the complete trust of the customers. Wish to grow the organization on the basis of the best value system to carve out a niche for itself and become an example in the industry.
Future trend
Inflation when hits, we get panicked. We dread our margins drop so much that we come to deceiving the customer sometimes and slyly reduce the quantity instead highlighting the product quality. I think if the price hike is a genuine need, our customer will not drop it just for the sake of price hike.
Marketing makes one think innovative and hence each member in the team would be having one or the other unique idea or quality in him, so identify and understand the members well to draw the best aspect from each of the team member and highlight the same this may be one of the ways to motivate them.
Share your best practices with the team, give them their desired inputs at every step, let them do their best and grow in life, your growth path automatically shapes up. Keeping your people under undue pressure does not pay at all, it only makes the atmosphere tense. Keep them happy and it pays.
How to keep your customer happy and satisfied to safeguard the growth interests of your organization is what marketing is all about. If we are unable to think about our customers satisfaction we all understand what would happen then. Thus marketing is very important for any organization.
Importance of sales
Sales is the direct interface of the company and its products with the end user. Right presentation of the product and its features will ensure better sales output. So, sales is equally important as marketing without which the feedback mechanism may not be a foolproof one.
Branding is very important to relate the product to its quality it has attained over the period with constant efforts the organization has put across. Branding results into enhanced product yield over a period.
Motivating Factor
Recognition to our good work done is always motivating. Right superiors and right subordinates whom one can trust as both could mentor one. Sometimes your subordinates also surprise you with their brilliance so, accept the idea and appreciate them.
Achieving Targets
Understand the marketing and communication needs from their point of view and relate your own ideas around the given pow and construct the strategy based upon those inputs, the strategy will be successful and sales will improve and they will achieve their targets.
Selling is the end part of marketing, whereas marketing is a mix of conceptualising, branding, communicating, PR and advertising. Marketing is a broad area of business and since all marketing activities are to increase sales hence they should function in tendom.
Role in an organization
Currently I oversee the overall business of the organization, so one is responsible for marketing, sales business development and after sales etc. etc..
I like most of the books authored by kotler, besides the Mckinsey way and their approach in the market place through the quarterly should help one understand the latest situations. Any business daily or a magazine would help to keep updated on what is helping organizations and industries.
Marketing helps you maintain verstility, it is one medium where you can't restrict you to youself. You may need to develop passion for many things in marketing to deal with the market demands.
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