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Sri Kanta
Sri Kanta

Sri Kanta


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Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Patience and follow up. Apply corrective measure where ever required.
My achievements
The children who are parentless get a regular source of income. I thought them to earn their pocket money.
Initiative to develop a country
They can tech the poorer section of the society with the knowledge they have, which inturn makes the person stand by his own as a model.
My role model
My father is the role model . I get charged at his achievements. And an unknown person with skill crafts which made me achieve the coconut shell art.
Important lesson learned
To be with abundant patience. Teach the younger teams to be self sustainable.
Brief description about me
I am a instrumentation engineer with biomedical as my optional subject. I have the urge to serve the society/mankind. I started business during my education and also managed a business. Now my plans to serve the handicap and parentless children is high. I am sure to succeed in my vision
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Education system has to change by reducing the baggage for the little ones. The knowledge only with summary has to be given to the younger ones while the baggage of books can increase from their high school as the shoulder and back bone will have good strength. The scolding and beatings has to be reduced. More physical activities should be added and government has to make sure they have the playground bigger than they can accomodate for the assembly before issuing the license to run the school. Make a system for higher education seats which are sold at fanciest rates. 1crore medical seat where will the middle class family afford though his children can be better performer than the rich.
Its many more than what we can discuss where the government has to take steps.
Influenced by
My father. And many reasons
Important decision
To stick with the organization for longer tenure. Make my presence valuable.
My strongest skill
Marketing and convincing.
More about myself
I always wanted to serve the society and I slowly got into ngo which caress for the parentless children. I was the team leader for YA team for Karnataka. I also had a chance to serve the old. I now have thought the art of using shell at home for wearing fancy stuff and also sell them to get pocket money.
I want to start a SSI through which i can support the weaker families,children and oldage under oneroof.
I wish it happens soon.
Couple of years from now
To be a proprietor Running a industry.
Ensuring success
I have taken initiative to start my firm where I will grow.
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