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Sourabh Bajaj
Sourabh  Bajaj

Sourabh Bajaj



Challenges facing by students
I think, the biggest challenge being faced by students is lack of guidance. There are teachers to teach them, but the right guidance is often missing. And that causes students to run behind things with more crowd. For example, CA is a popular course in India from last few years. I think 80% students of commerce stream students are trying for CA even if they are not actually interested in accounts. Results, 3 out of a hundred succeeds and other 97 waste one crucial year of their life in studying for it. Parents are more concerned about getting their children a high paying job instead of a right job that affects their progress in the long term.
Most influenced factor
Being a Marwari, I think my culture and family background influenced me a lot. Its kind of a business in blood thing so I chose to be an entrepreneur. More over, one of my uncle inspires me a lot. He started his software company a few years ago. I did my internship from there and that was the time I actually got in touch with a start up. I loved everything about that. The start up culture, working in small teams, setting everyday goal and of course the challenges.
Favorite Books and Articles
Right now, I am in the middle of reading 7 habits of highly effective people. The first habit say : be proactive. Pro-activity here, simply means doing what you can and not worrying about what you can't. Since I read it, I am trying practice it in my life. That includes not blaming anyone for anything and in bad situations, doing what I can, no matter how small it is.
Career Expectations
Well, I am always into computers and programming so I don't think there is gonna be any change in my field of study in next few years. I love what I am doing so I don't think any change is needful.
Family Background
I belong to a moderate upper middle class family. My father is a govt. doctor but everyone else in my family is into business. So I am familiar with both business and job culture. My mother is homemaker. My family belong to a small town in Rajasthan called Nokha. That's all I've got to share about my family.
Time Management
For doing programming related stuff, I choose time on which I can concentrate better. When I am at home, I choose night hours to work. For other things, It all depends on the constraints.
Favorite subject
Not actually needful to say, Programming is my strongest subject. More specifically, Internet programming. Reason: Because I don't consider it as a subject. It more of my love.
First Job Expectation
First is my interest. Will I be able to do what I actually want to do?
Second is growth rate. That's what will make my future secure?
And third is salary. That's obvious.
View s for better India
To let students participate in the development of nation, first need is to let them free from career related uncertainties. How can the participate in development of a nation when they are not sure about their own development. If they will know that they are surely going to get the right opportunity, they will say no the wrong one. And putting the right man on right job is the best way a nation can progress.
About Myself
I belong to a small town in Rajasthan. Completed my graduation (BCA) from Delhi. I am a programmer and aspiring entrepreneur.I am 20 year old right now. After graduation, I took a year gap to work on my product called, its a interest network. Talking about my achievements, I made a website IPJUGAAD.COM when I was in final year of my graduation. This site distributes previous year papers to university students and this is my most popular website so far. Getting avg 500 visitors a day. I did my internship from gumption labs Bangalore. I developed a CRM for their internal support team which is being used by them on day to day basis. That's all.
Most flourishing college experience
As I mentioned in about me question, my most rewarding college experience was the success of my website which I developed to help university students with previous year papers.
Most proud accomplishment
Well, as my race is with myself, I am not proud of anything as I need to better then the best I did yet. Still, if asked about the best I've done yet is the CRM I developed for Gumptionlabs during my internship. I delivered a completed app in just 8 days including UI. It was much more then what they expected from a student. Its been more then a year now and they are using it on day to day basis.
Spare time activities
I socialize with my friends in my spare time, often on Facebook. Also, I read several blogs and books. I also like to read fiction. I watch movies that inspires me, for example, the social network. Sometimes I play volleyball, I don't play good tough. I also enjoy listening music.
My uniqueness
My way of thinking is remarkable I think. Most college graduates look for job or higher education after graduation. I am more into entrepreneurship that I didn't even bothered to think about a job. I think I differs from others in that way.
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