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Ask Soheal Vaseem for Advice
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Soheal Vaseem
Soheal Vaseem

Soheal Vaseem

Film maker

Magic Mushroom Cinema Pvt. Ltd


Soheal Vaseem is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
Educated family with Father being an engineer and Mother a educationist.
Working Life Management:
My work requires dedication and lots of thought process is involved in the creative field. Being a film maker most of the time the work schedules are unplanned and requires faster decision making. Sometimes work demands more than 17 hours a day but for creative work every moment is interesting.
Changes In The Professional Environment:
As I keep myself updated with the present trends and changing times i really do not feel the change. but yes looking back at the work style now it has become more mechanised.For instance now the script is completed before earlier many changes would be done during shoot as per the stars wims & fancie
Advice For New Professionals:
There is no limit or end for creative excellence. As the field is more professional a simple advise is to do a proper homework so that there are no flaws in your work on and off the location and even in the edit room. A thorough study on the script & screenplay before filming ensures a better output
Role Model:
Started as an advertiser was stuck badly in a situation where I had to hold the reins of the shoot and get the shoot going for my client's work. So I am a film maker by chance not choice & now happy to have made a right choice. Now over all these years, I know all the nitty gritties of film making
The Decisions That Matter
Keep my advertising business as an all time backup option. Earlier was an ad man before being a film maker still am an ad man and yes doing pretty good in the field of film making as well.
Other Thoughts:
Film making has become more technical than creative so I feel having a technical know how is good but deviating from the concept just to add glitz and gloss to the canvas is not a good story telling. With some exception most film makers dont follow this,India is changing & now being watched globally
Job Profile:
I am an Independent Film Maker and a director of an Advertising agency. My core professional experience and expertise is in making corporate films, ad-films, presentations, commercials, documentaries and Television software. (i.e) video content provider for Television 881984 also commercial feature films
Degrees That Matter:
An MBA in advertising and Marketing with a diploma in Film making and some practical apprentice work under professional film makers
Done Differently:
Start again as a film maker because I love my job and its essence which keep you lively all through out and every day is a new day new thought new efforts and new creativity and new experimentation.
The Journey So Far:
Corporate world in India still has to believe that what ever the presentation you give if it is done professionally will definitely add feather to your effort and Professional presentation means more business prospects. Most of the corporate are still devoid of a corporate & marketing presentation.
Growth Strategy:
I am single minded focused and even though my pace is slow, if I turn and look back i am now at a better position after all these years in business. Much confident and as the saying goes " the director is the captain of the ship" I feel elated when I look at what I have achieved.
Required Reading:
Google is the best way and as we say seeing is believing so watching some videos on you tube and other video sharing sites will help give you a clearer picture of what exactly Film making is.
Plans For The Future:
Up the ladder in my own field with panache and finesse in my work still matching steps with the then generation.
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