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Snehasis Banerjee
Snehasis Banerjee

Snehasis Banerjee


Tata Consultancy Services


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Making job easier
TCS Research is very employee friendly, with flexible timings and huge scope to learn and do new things. In research, you have to do the work for yourself, with minimum guidance. However TCS Research has tie-ups with good academicians as reviewers and guides that make our job easy.
My advice
In research do not work just for money - I am getting this much so I should work this much - this principle does not hold. You have to think in this way : "I am doing my own work out of free will that I will do anyway, more over I am getting paid!" Learn the basics of computer science thoroughly. Do not believe anything without proof and apply sheer common sense in tackling with problems. Never ever report forged results for short term benefit; you will suffer a lifetime of guilt.
Books recommended
Mathematics is the foundation of research in any field. You need to go through high school and engineering mathematics thoroughly to understand what top experts in the field are working on. With the advent of Internet, it is better to read some basic books that you were taught in your engineering course, and then do on demand Googling.
Managing professional as well as personal life
In research it is hard to stop thinking of a problem's solution even when you are with family. However totally switching off digital devices and taking short weekend holidays with family really helps. As a virtue each day I have allotted a minimum of an hour chatting with family after returning from work.
Views about 'Tech product Introduction is weak among Indians'
This is slowly changing (ex. Micromax) for the better. The main problem is lack of enough venture capitalists and visionaries to take risks. Start-ups except the online selling market has not much flourished. Also the major Indian population is not tech-savvy to use the visioned products. US started selling the products in US and then to other countries. In India, the market is still nascent.
My important career decision
Joining TCS Research was a major decision because of the scope and visibility that they provide. Going for a Masters program simultaneously with work was also a valuable move. Undergoing Coursera programs is also a good way to cover various topics, that may be of use in future.
My achievement
Understanding how to do real Research : this is something that can not be taught and has to be self-learnt. Apart from publications in good conferences, I have filed many patents. A smart alerting system that I have prototyped has created some buzz. The most important thing was choosing the career line, where the heart and brain agreed.
Challenges faced in job
There's a saying "You learn most when you have to invent", and inventing new things is a high risk challenge as you don't know whether it has been already done (published or trade secret). Sometimes you will run out of ideas and in other times you will get a burst of them and will be confused which one to work on. Each day it is needed to be up to date with the state of the art in the field.
Current Trends
Analytics on Big Data will change the technical landscape. Human Computer Interaction and Consumer Profile Learning will also make new start-ups rise and old companies vanish due to loss of relevancy.
My role model
Personal View:- My mother has shown the path how good a human being can be.
Technical Point of View:- Steve Jobs : he is a perfectionist and knows what the world of future really wants.
Family Background
I come from a middle class background where I did not know the full form of IIT. My parents have raised me under tough constraints and I am grateful to them. My mother has guided my study up to school especially in Mathematics.
My strongest Skill
Communication Skills and Technical Knowledge in Computer Science technologies.
Company and job profile
I am a Researcher at TCS Research which is the Research and Development wing of Tata Consultancy Services. I am extremely passionate about computer science and technology, and its marvelous applications across all domains. I currently work on Artificial Intelligence algorithms and technologies. Naturally, publishing research papers and patents comes under my job profile.
Goals and Ambitions
After finishing my Masters, I will pursue a Doctorate degree. I will like to build a product that not only a targeted mass but my family will be able to use.
Being different
I put common sense above everything. My work is my hobby.
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