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Shreeram Rane
Shreeram Rane

Shreeram Rane

Independent Consultant - EMEA and APAC Region

OnTime IT Services (I) Pvt Ltd

Couple of years from now
Well, in terms of personal growth that solely depends on the technology and trend changes in today's world. This applies to everyone who work on today's technologies and simultaneously building and working on growth towards tomorrows technical reality. To be frank, its too tricky to judge and gauge anyone's ability and finding someone couple of years down the time is solely depend on technology, trend, your knowledge, your contributions,etc. So ideal answer for this will be, future will tell when times comes.
Degree that I recommend
Possibly not yet this point of time. May be probably look in to some Compliance Certifications in near future
Influenced by
Well, there are many people whom I am inspired from, from my previous bosses to my colleagues, team members and friends. In fact I influenced by many of people who turn their knowledge to fortune and given difficult technologies to common people in easiest way to use.
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Dedication, Focused, patience, time management and strategically planned well in advance. All these ingredients are equally important to get successful in life. You cannot get success overnight and don't run any race for competition, just run a race to win and I can bet you definitely one day you will win. Success is not Luck, so it wont happen by luck, success is process over the time you make it happen.
Initiative to develop a country
Well, some says Knowledge is Power, I somehow agree to this point. But my viewpoint towards it is, spreading knowledge is powerful than any power which individual gain by learning self. So, to compete and win to other countries our contributions should be sharing the best knowledge one possess and delivery to the people at absolutely at no cost. People wont learn paying money, they can only learn by proper way of knowledge transfer and which can transform India in to Global leader in research and development and can be a biggest exporter of latest science and technology.
Brief description about me
I have been in IT Industry from almost 16 years across multiple IT domains. Having worked in different project around 40+ countries across the globe on different project and consultancy and various business strategies and planning. Being a Entrepreneur, Mentor, friend and a colleague, learnt many more things from different part of people and their culture and ideas and goal towards the IT domain.
I love being part of any major Enterprise level projects and always give my idea and how people can benefit from those.
As a person like to read and know latest technologies, but not limited to Information technology and electronics. But I like to read more on latest on Automotive, Aerospace, and research and on latest prototypes in technologies being built.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Well, undoubtedly Indian Education System is excellent compared to any other in the world. But it can be always improved, as there will be always a space for a improvement. I feel adopting the latest technologies, research etc to the education system can probably give an access to latest research and invention than just learning those technologies which were invented ages ago and obsolete in nature. Secondly there should be specialization in any subject, which can be chosen at early stage of education and one can dedicate and spend more time on finding, learning and reinventing the new technology putting dedicate time and knowledge instead learning all subjects to cross the barriers and grades to secure seats in higher education system and thereafter just securing good marks to get good job than giving excellence for that technology learnt.
More about myself
Well, there is nothing specific to share. But it was my pleasure to be being member of Silicon India for an about 5 years by now and I wish them to grow day by day and year of year to the highest level of success.
My strongest skill
Consultation, Project Management, Business Strategy, Planning, Compliance etc
Important decision
there is nothing specific important decision as such which I have made specifically. In fact there was an always an opportunity in life and it was the only thing which left to me is to either take it or leave it. Whichever I took which either made success or failure, but that doesn't stop me from further taking any decisions nor that will have any impact than just being cautious and learning out of previous failure or success.
My achievements
Nothing which is not I am not proud off. Life has always given a chance to learn and I delivered or executed it with absolute efficiency. Every work you do, do with respect and dedication and hard work, I can assure the work will be completed with highest level of quality and excellence. You should proud of everything you do, you cannot compare your own work or deeds or achievements. Every work its own priority, value and have to be achieved without any second thought of competitiveness and obvious you need to be proud of any work you do without comparing with your other work or achievements.
Important lesson learned
Never Give Up and Sharpen Your skills always. Utilize Time learning new things or enhancing skills. "Busy" is a vague word in this world, which doesn't benefit any individual to grow. Everyone has 24 hours a day, have better time management, priority to works, and spend healthy time with family. Everything in life is important and not just usual 9-5 work.
Ensuring success
As I have mentioned in previously, I work and consult & help people on today's technology trend and learn for tomorrow's technology and up to date with technological and business trends.
My role model
In fact I don't believe in any role model sort. My identity is me, I can be inspired by someone's achievement, but that doesn't mean I need to follow their foot step to gain the same thing what the other have achieved and it cannot be achieved with the same process or procedure followed by other. Your intellectual is your own and no role model can feed it in you. So, its you how to shape yourself based on your own experience and others inspirations.
My family background
To talk about family, I hail from a middle class background, when education is always given a priority and the only survival weapon to lead a life.
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