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Shravan Kumar Maila
Shravan Kumar Maila

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Qualities that we Look For While Hiring:
HR Challenges:
Employees are missing the Values/Personal Ethics in them. We can improve skills by training, but we cannot teach values to the employees. Organisations are looking for prospective candidates who are willing to LEARN & DO and practice & respect VALUES.
Helping to develop the country
Every Professional needs to Develop & Trained themselves in their respective SKILL. He/She needs have his/her own Values & Ethics as Individual. This will help to build a good and responsible citizen & SKILLED Workforce. Organisations can grow by giving opportunities for these Individuals. This leads to Nation building positive workforce with 100% productivity & values based individuals. This also leads to Country growth in its economy and more responsible citizens/leaders & more employment opportunities in the country.
Improving Education system
I feel that the education is really good compare any country in the world. Only change needs to be done is Education + Employment should go together. This will help students to gain experience while studying. The quality of the education is excellent but we are not pay handsome salaries to those teachers/professors, who build the quality of the students. If we take care of them, then our education system will build more LEADERS with a TRUE VALUE System will be in place.
Recruiting new generation:
As HR, we expect every employee should be ambitious. Ambitions make people to work hard to achieve the personal/professional goals. We need to give the opportunities to the employees and guide them properly or counsel them. Every organisation will try their best to RETAIN every employee who performs. Most of the times are successful but sometimes it fails. Organisations should understand the each employee ambitions and should enable them or guide them to achieve those ambitions. Retain is great challenge but if the company has understand the employees then retaining will be easy.
Current HR Trends:
HR NEW role is HRBP (Human Resource Business Partner). Each HR needs to understand the company business and it's goals. Every employee needs to understand company business needs, these Goals can be achieved by employees working as TEAM. It's recent trend is GIVE & TAKE with WIN-WIN agreements. TRAIN, MENTOR, COUNSEL Employees & Understanding Employees are very important in the recent HR Trends.
Leadership Programs in Place:
It's very important for every company, MUST conduct regular leadership development programs to build tomorrow leaders for organisations & Country @ Large. Training Programs like TEAM Building, 7 Habits of Highly Effective people, Organisation GOALS, The 8TH Habit - From EFFECTIVENESS TO GREATNESS etc. These program will build the Leaders. These leaders will train the employee to achieve the desirable GOALS of the employees and organisation.
HR Strategies In Place
Employees - Understand the Organisation Business & it's GOALS. Work as TEAM.
Employers - Understand Employee Needs
Employee & Employer Relationship for Mutual WIN - WIN Agreements.
Recommended Reading
7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey's
The 8th Habit - From Effectiveness to Greatness by Stephen R. Covey
Winning by Jack Welch, Suzy Welch
Pain Points:
If you like your JOB...then there are no Pain Points in HR. All pains needs to taken as opportunities to resolve them. IF YOU LIKE IT...YOU WILL LOVE TO DO IT.
Attract good people, Retain Better Performers and Advance the Best:
Employees working in our company are Marketing people. Any thing about Good or Bad will be know to other by OUR employees Word of MOUTH. To attract them, we need to main a healthy relationship, should have friendly work environment within the Organisation. HR needs to Understand the employee needs and guide and correct them as when things are going wrong. Organisation takes care of their employees, who are performers by different ways by strategies. I would like to Quote a Famous Quote : "The best HR people are a kind of hybrid: one part pastor, who hears all sins and complaints without recrimination, and one part parent, who loves and nurtures, but gives it to you fast and straight when you’re off track.” – Jack Welch
Relationship with HR and Top Management
HR should maintain a healthy relations with CEO. HR is a Catalyst between CEO and Employees. HR needs to advocate from employees side and similarly take support of the employer. Always should stand on the RIGHT side run the organisation smoothly to achieve the desirable GOALS.
Identifying and Promoting New Leaders:
HR needs to interact with employees, Leads, Managers, Business Heads from time to time. HR will get inputs about each individual performers from time to time. When performance evaluations take place for each quarter, he/she will able to understand & identify future leaders, who can take the ownership & lead the teams. Accordingly promote them to the next level and nurture them as FUTURE Leaders and promote them @ the right time.
Advice For Fellow HR Leaders:
HR Professional needs to understand the present trends in HR. Acquire knowledge about the happenings in HR Profession & developments. HR professional needs to understand company business, Goals and align them with employee Goals. HR professional should follow his own Values & beliefs with professional ethics. HR should LEAD with an EXAMPLE to all employees.
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