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Shishir Saran Rai
Shishir Saran Rai

Shishir Saran Rai




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Current work profile
Physical Design Engineer
Upcoming Language with embedded systems
As I am not too much in embedded field, but as I keep hearing C is the base of embedded programming. But C++ and Java can also be used for it, so better to go with any of them.
Specialization area in Embedded systems
I can't tell anything in that details, but from backend design engineer purspective I can see that processor are getting more and more complex. Now a lot of things are coming on single chip (CPU+GPU+North Bridge + somewhere a few of south bridge). So embedded should be able to support it.
Money vs Job Satisfaction
Both. Job satisfaction is important because that is what which makes me feel better and encourage me to do much more in my career. Money is needed for personal support as well as psychological support.
My corporate journey
I have started my journey in corporate world from an service based company, where i implemented chips from different wendors and learned a lot about CAD tools but not much about chip architecture. After that I joined AMD, where i understand the chip architecture and utilizing my tool knowledge i had
My rewards
I have leaned a lot about processor architecture as well as EDA tools. Now I am able to utilize all my knowledge at proper place as needed and I am really enjoying my work.
After few years
I would like to be an expert in physical design field irrespective of technology and architecture. And I would like to be at stage that I can find some new technology or idea to solve the issues which these days all the VLSI industries are facing.
Advice to workforce
I will just like to suggest all the professionals that they should go to those field which makes him feel better, which encourages him. None of the field is easy or small. Once you will get in any field, and you entertain it, you keep getting new changes and will enjoy solving them.
Important role as team player
Last quarter didn't went fine for my employer and they layed off alot of people in USA and shifted all the work to India center. It was a challenge to show them the Indian talent. We had to complete very tough task within very small time. We executed them in x-mas time and I was leading that work.
My view on India Technical development
We have very good technical talent, but I feel that we are lacking in leadership quality. We have good Indian leaders , but I can see most of them are running abroad rather that leading works in India. We need to be a good leader and show it to outside world that we can execute any task.
Scope of embedded systems
As I can see VLSI industry is getting complex every day. So in proportional of that embedded should also be getting much and much complex everyday. We can see a lot of transition happening in processor market and it will become more intersting in future.
My inspiration
My Role Model is one of senior in our organisation, who is possessing very respecting position in very young age. He is an Indian, and he keep bringing a lot of work to India because of his reputation.
Books recommended
To be align with where industry is moving, I will refer them to be in sync with siliconindia. As from my personal experience about technical knowledge I will suggest VLSI profession to go to barkley technical vide as well as NPCIL videos on youtube.
Degree recommended
I have done my B.Tech. and then went to CDAC for diploma. But I believe if you really enjoy the work you are doing, practical experience is the best place where you can learn the most.
My family background
My father was a former. We are 3 brothers and I am the youngest one. My eldest brother is an MR in a private medical firm. My elder brother has complete his M.Tech. from IIT Roorkee and working in IBM from Sep 2007. I have completed my in 2008 and in VLSI industry from march 2009.
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