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Ask Sharfraj Nawaj Tosrif Zaman for Advice
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Sharfraj Nawaj Tosrif Zaman
Sharfraj Nawaj Tosrif Zaman

Sharfraj Nawaj Tosrif Zaman

GeoEPC Advisor

GeOEPC Management Advisors Pv. Ltd.

Family Background
My family comprises of 4 members my parents, myself and one sister
Brief description about me
I’m a highly driven individual with extensive GIS and Remote Sensing experience acquired principally in the Geospatial industry through research and academics. Following completion of my Master of Science degree in Geoinformatics (which included a couple of years in New Delhi after my graduation in Geography (Honours) from Delhi University; I started my career at Digital Globe Inc, New Delhi; which have worked my way up to become a GeoEPC Advisor at GeoEPC Management Advisors incubated under Science and Technology Park, Pune, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. I believe I combine a high level of commercial awareness with a commitment to advisory services - which helps me to achieve profitable growth and a great learning experience. Overall I have more than two years of technical experience and one plus year on advisory. I work in a team of more than 10 peoples including scientists from Science and Technology Park, Pune and other prestigious organizations, who are in our GeoEPC advisory board.  I enjoy being part of, as well as managing, motivating, training and developing, a successful team and I thrive in highly pressurized and challenging working environments. I have a strong GIS & Remote sensing skills which helps me to work upon strategic geospatial engineering for our esteemed clients in India and abroad. In my leisure time I undertake a wide range of activities & I’m particularly keen on music.
Challenges in job
 Dealing multiple projects at a time and advisory services to organizations is itself challenging. But working with enthusiastic team of experts is really exciting. Learning is an unending process and working with some of the technology champions is indeed a life time experience.
Job made easy
Together everyone achieve more and this spirit that every employee in our company has, makes my job easier, exciting and knowledgeable. Besides my inclination towards ‘PWP’ or ‘Playing with Pixels’ in the satellite imageries makes my job exciting.
Upcoming Trends
  GIS technology becoming more affordable, more reliable, more widely used and better known with the onslaught of time & with the  breakthrough in hardware and software development
  3-D capabilities of GIS widely used in every field from geology to landscape ecology studies & from environmental challenges to rural-urban mapping
  Real-time applications (urban management, emergency services and transport control)
  New sources of high resolution satellite data availability both multispectral and panchromatic & technology innovations in GeoIT and GeoBI (Business Intelligence)
  Gradual shifting  to 4D mapping in order to track the movement in space and time
  Cloud Computing and GIS removes many of its traditional challenges, making it more affordable, faster to deploy, more widely available, and easier to use. Cloud GIS is a must-have technology for cities of all sizes in near future
  GeoStorage Manager™ a new GeoIT innovation of GeoEPC, will essentially help in storing, managing, organizing, retrieving and analyzing huge volumes of geospatial data and searching and discovering becomes easy with its embedded metadata server – ‘Storage Redefined, Unfragmented & On-Demand'
My view on India technical development
Well, I agree that we do have technical talent in India, but do they stay in India and work for India’s development? I am not certain. No youth in this generation is ready to take risk in India and fight against corruption. Besides, in many cases the best talents don’t get chance to work because of reservations in job, education, lack of infrastructure & opportunities etc. Apart from this, the finest talents went abroad for opportunities and “brain drain” happens – that’s very obvious! Unless and until, we consider only ‘merit’ in all cases; be it politics, education, jobs etc, we can never develop ourselves and make it a mark at the international front.
My goal
For the next five years, my prime goal would be, to be an expert in my domain and learn as much as I can and apply it for the development of our planet.
Advice to professionals
For starters, I will say “learn as much as u can” and don’t repent if you start with a low salary, aim high than your reach and never miss any opportunity because “Sky is the limit”
Advice to students
Asking for help when it is needed is a sign of maturity, not weakness. Be proactive.  Research and explore as much as you can; be it software, data or applications and have fun in exploring this wonderful G-technology that has really transformed the world. Be updated and change accordingly
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