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Shabnam Ansari Iftekhar
Shabnam Ansari Iftekhar

Shabnam Ansari Iftekhar




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Important lesson learned
hard work is very important without hard work we can to get any thing generally i knew i was not good in study before 10std but after 10 i gave so man effort and do hard work after study i got good result by the grace of Allah , if you want to any aspire in your life hard work is very important thing.
My role model
yes my role model are prophet mohammad,prophet musa, prophet ibrahim they are real role model for entire human race, and apj abdul kalam,and hasim amla and my father and my mother is my roal model bcoz they teach so many thing related my life,
My family background
my father is a business man having bakery business along with my two brother and i have four sister and they all are married,and also i have two brother and both are married,
Initiative to develop a country
As a professional first we should do job in india, bcoz so many professional people i see that they get education in india and after that thay go abroad go getting more money but if really we want to develop a country we stay in india and do job and give more contribution in india.and also we pay attention towards to social responsiblity as a professional.
My strongest skill
1] team work,
2] good leader ship
3] punchuality
4] morality
5] good communication skills
Ensuring success
learning process is very imperative to continue growth and update your self each and every day.
Influenced by
genarelly i always influence by hard work people bcoz i always learn a new thing from them, for example ratan tata, and steav jobs bcoz they achive lot of thing in their life by hardwork
Couple of years from now
i would life see my self in core hr
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
there are three kind of qualities is require to become successful leader,
1] physical qualities
2] physiological qualities
3] intellectual qualities
Thoughts on Education system of our country
our education is like cramming student cant to focus on practical education and only subjected related knowledge given, student cant to think out of box we should improve such area in our education system.
Brief description about me
my full name is shabnam iftekhar ahmed ansari.i am belongs to ahmedabad.and right now i am pursuing pgp with human resource development,and i would like to see my self core in hr,
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