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Selva Kumar Jayakumar
Selva Kumar Jayakumar

Selva Kumar Jayakumar

QA Lead

ThoughtFocus Information Technology Pvt Ltd.


Selva Kumar Jayakumar is a member of:

Advice for freshers
My parents were not into employment, they had a small business. Me and my sister come from engineering background especially Software and computers, and we were the first to become professionals in our families.
Intellectual Recommendations
"The Art of Software Testing" Edition II by Glenford Myers is one of the oldest and initial books written on Software Testing, Edition II has been updated for the recent audience. Every aspiring tester should not miss the insight on testing this book gives.
Additional Certifications
Most testers restrict themselves with the certifications related to testing alone, I see testing as a criticism, in order to criticize you need adequate and full knowledge. Therefore i feel it is necessary that tester should also get certified beyond their borders like ORACLE SQL developer, Java etc
Excellence of Testing Professionals
Developers for sure :), that was on a lighter note. The QA drive needs a lot of coordination across different teams and businesses to pull off the delivery with quality and just in time. There's no single person who would not want quality deliverable. It is necessary to work as a team with everybody
My Road map Ahead
My aspiration is to get off the road from what i am being now (a billable resource) which limits my contribution to the QA domain. I wanted to see myself as an author and a researcher in the field of QA. The effort i pay and the opportunities i get in the next 5 yrs will decide fate.
Opportunity to start your Career again
It is always an assumption to claim that one could have done things better or different if they were given a chance in the past. Yet there is one thing that i wish i could have done, it is to learn software development as a whole and not just testing.I realize role of a tester is more than developer
Upcoming trends
It is the "RESPONSIBILITY" and "OWNERSHIP" owned by QA. Responsibility here is that you are mainly answerable to business in case something goes wrong in the production. Ownership is to deliver quality product on time even though it is not fully dependent on you.However the success is shared equally
Involvement in the Industry
It is the excitement in the work you do. The pleasure at the end of any successful delivery in spite of several hurdles gives a wonderful feeling. It is this one factor that keeps me driving. Therefore it is for sure Job Satisfaction. Money is essential though.
Challenges with QA domain
One thing still couldn't correct myself is this.There had been several instances of a through night and weekends. One instance i could recall was working for a continuous 72 hours. Several lessons have been learnt but still unavoidable. Primarily to do with estimations as there are mere predictions.
Your success mantra
Every quality delivery makes me successful.Not taking pride, but still i've been known to overtake developers and the business team in the project.Also, I was able to work on mainframes, SOA, functional and behavioral automation.I've been awarded as good resource in all the companies i worked so far
Of Course Educational Background. The second important thing that fascinated me was i was part of Globalization.
The Most Important Game
While working on a cross vendor project. An issue cropped up which was not in our territory but we knew the root cause. It was very tough to convince our managers to help our competitors and keep the delivery on schedule. This was much appreciated by the client as we saw our competitors as a team.
Growth Initiatives
Testing applies for all the technologies arriving in the industry. I help myself updating the latest trends and little research in strategical testing for those new technologies. However the quest for knowledge has never been ending, as i grow my experience so does my knowledge.
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