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Saurabh Ankush Mukhekar
Saurabh Ankush Mukhekar

Saurabh Ankush Mukhekar

Software Engineer and Blogger

BlogSaays Self Employee Freelancer


Saurabh Ankush Mukhekar is a member of:

Could you tell us briefly about your family background?
I have been brought up in a cultured environment where education & principles have always been given priority.My respected father is a Professor in faculty of Commerce.My mother is a clerk.I have 1 younger sister who is pursuing her education.Personally,I have an amazing family with graceful people
Plans for the Future
I see myself progressing in Technology field,where I consistently trying to enhance my skill sets.I can see many challenges lying ahead of me,but I'm ready to experience them.I’m confident that if I do my work with excellence,opportunities will inevitable open up for me.I support entrepreneurship
Scope Of Java
Java is successful programming language & it growing like viral.It's simplicity & extensibility making it more robust & powerful.Now Java is capturing Cloud Computing as well as Robotics platform.Ubiquitous computing & mobile apps dev. are major x-factor in Java.Future of Java is emerging & bright.
What are the most important career decisions that you have made along the way?
Recently I left my job & started my own development.It was very risky decision taken by me as my carrier is just started.But later I worked hard to get into a top emerging technology & I realized that my initial decision actually wasn’t a bad one.Now I'm doing well & moving fwd to reach my destiny.
Changes in the industry
Change is inevitable & Java is not exception for same.I explore Java in 2006.That time it was not more powerful than current.I did majority of task manually but now the scenario is change.Java is rolling over web 2.0 with simplicity,security, extensibility,mobility,cloud support with more automation
Work Life Balance
I believe that life is full of challenges.These challenges help us motivate to be a better person.They make us stronger.I focus & listen to the problem at hand & try to find possible solution.Anticipating worst case scenario help us to quickly address the problems.Quick & perfect decision make sense
Comparison With Other Language
Java is platform independent.Object oriented features & key enhancement make Java to stand out of the crowd.Java play crucial role in Web 2.0 development.Its ability of "write once, run everywhere" help us for rapid appn. development.Java can easily support 3rd party API's repositories etc.
Current Role
As a Software developer I'm focusing on clients business requirements & expectations along with handling application development workflow,report generations,resolving client queries & enhancing application performance as expected.
Areas for the Future
Now we are living in "Mobile Computing" age where major things are integrating into mobile/smartphone devices.Which signifies the further development in Cloud Computing & Mobile Development.So it will give an exposure to SaaS(Software as Service).I am focusing on Cloud Computing through Java domain.
Technology Trends
I am true fan of Ubiquitous technology ! I'm focusing on following Java technology trends

1.Java Mobile technology
2.Java Cloud Computing
3.Java RIA(Rich Internet Application)
Current Job Profile
I am Application Developer,I mainly work in web application development using Java,Servlet,HTML and CSS technology.I'm also doing Google App Engine development using Java as a platform(PaaS).
Can you tell us about one role model who inspires you and why?
I consider each & every person as role model.I'm very much selective to quantify best things.Mark Zuckerberg & Steve Jobs are my most inspiring celebrities who really "Make-over" the technology.I really like their passion,dedication & work management strategies.
Required Reading
To improve your Java skill you can refer following books:

1.Java Programming Language By James Gosling
2.Head First Java By Kathy Sierra
3.Thinking In Java By Bruce Eckel

To learn Java online visit these websites:
Challenges in The Technology
With increase of Web 2.0,every technologies facing some challenges.Java is also part of it.Following are some challenges in Java.Which majorly focus on the ability of application delivery and end-to-end delay.

1.Rapid Application Development

2.Distributed Computing

3.Cloud computing services
Degrees That Matter
Oracle Certification for Java developer is extremely important in your career.I am personally a Oracle Certified Java programmer.Certifications not only show your strengths but also focus on your skill sets.I suggest you to do certification by excluding dumps material.Your knowledge is important !
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