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Ask Sama Bhanu Teerth for Advice
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Advice Request
Sama Bhanu Teerth
Sama Bhanu Teerth

Sama Bhanu Teerth

software developer

Georgia Tech Research Institute

Brief description about me
I am Lohith Naga VenkataBhanuTeerth Sama, was born in Eluru and raised in Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh. I did my schooling, college and Bachelors in Machilipatnam. I want to share my life experience with you because it might helpful for others. I studied up to pre high school (7th standard) in a very small school, SaradaVidyalayam. We were around 100-110 students in the whole school from Kindergarten to pre high school. After that I moved to Jaihind Montessori (E.M) school where I finished my schooling after that college at Nalanda Jr College and later I joined my Bachelor’s program at Sri Sunflower College of Engineering and Technology in a small village. It gives me an opportunity to see what life is? Even up to end of 2nd year of my Bachelors I don’t have any idea on my future, just I was moving with immemorial time. When I was in Bachelor’s I presented so many papers and projects at various universities and colleges. I got so much exposure to the world from my place. In third year of my Bachelor’s we, team of four developed a proto type to detect land mines and bombs by using a robo, which you can operate from control unit, instead of bomb squad and sniffers so that we can save people lives and for that we receive appreciations from Government and we got a Gold Medal for our project as Best Innovative Project. Once I went to IIT Bombay to attend a workshop, at that time I had a chance to meet John Hall (Maddog), Executive Director of Linux International and Jimmy Wales, Founder of Wikipedia. Those people made some significant mark on my mind and in final year I got an opportunity to work as project trainee at Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Department of Space, Shriharikota, Andhra Pradesh, India. Somehow I started thinking about my future in this technological revolutionary World at that time. In parallel my parents wish to see me as Master’s degree holder. I got a admit in one of the reputed universities in United States of America, at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. I finished my Master’s program in Computer Science and after that I got an offer from NASA to work on NASA DEVELOP research project and currently working at GTRI, Atlanta. It’s more important to know “what we are now?” than “where we were from?” and even its most important to know “Where we want to see ourselves?”

I am working for Georgia Tech Research Institute as a software developer. I have nearly 1 year experience after finished my Master’s program.
Challenges in job
Real time problems are always challenging and doing job is more than just doing assignment or working on a paper in a closed class room. Every day you will have new problems (issues) and new requirements and sometimes there might be a possibility of working on the project which was already developed by others to fix bugs and issues and that’s where we have to use our smartness to analyze things. One thing I can say if you really like doing your job it would be fun. Whatever the study and whatever the job, at the end of the day it’s the matter of happiness and self-satisfaction. 
Job made easy
We are not supposed to mix our personal life with professional life means we shouldn’t carry our personal things of mind to office (Professional/job mind), of course it’s not easy. But, we have to maintain balance between both personal and professional lives. Along with that maintaining latest best resources and updating with latest trends and technology and organizing things will help you feel that things are going easy.
Upcoming Trends
Artificial Intelligence
My prospective on Indian technological developments
Yeah, you are absolutely right. We have so much talent in India, but we don’t know how to utilize that. We have so much potential energy but we need a machine to transform it in to kinetic energy. Where is that machine?
We been seeing many video’s like this and we claim each IIT is equal to MIT, Harvard and Princeton together. May be that’s right because I didn’t have a chance to study at IIT. If so, How many students are graduating from IIT each year and how many students are becoming engineers every year? What percentage of students are getting admit in IIT? Apart from IIT’s please take a look on the other universities and other affiliated collegesand their quality of education. They don’t have qualified faculty and labs. Every home has one or two graduates with Bachelor’s degree. If that is so why is India like that? We are studying some text books, of course with concepts but we are lacking in practical education. In my point of view educational system should change in the view of quality and curriculum and of course grading method also. Once after I started my Master’s program I came to know what I missed in my Bachelors.

 After that political system, everyone says politics in India is bad, its worst and something. Just think how many of us utilizing efficiently our right of vote in choosing eligible, desirable candidate as leader. Fault is with us because we are alsopart of that so called worst political system. How many of us will vote to a right person irrespective of religion, caste and fame. I think we should create awareness in the masses to bring change.

Apart from these India should concentrate on starting new business and product development instead of offering services, whole world is saying India has smarter brains, that’s right. But we are using that smartness to other countries. I am not saying this as a nationalistic, in some way our smartness is useful to the society (in a bigger picture, World), but not exactly to Indian society. Let’s take an instance India is producing lots and lots of Electrical and Electronics engineers every year. Do we have one chip making industry India? No, But if we see Intel, AMD, NVidia, Qualcomm, Broadcom we are everywhere, where there is a need of creativity, smartness and leaders. We have very huge companies like Infosys, TCS, Mahindra Satyam formerly Satyam all are in service sector, we are not developing our own software. We are developing projects and software’s for other companies. Why don’t we start to develop a new software or products? In developing new products major factor is developers called smart brains, we have so many of them, yet we are inclining towards service sector. Of course so many Indian’s started their companies in Silicon Valley but not in India, Why??? 
My goal
I want to start an organization.
family background
We are four, small family. My father (UpendraNath) is private auditor and mother (Jhansi Lakshmi) is home maker and also she helps to my dad in his profession. I have one younger brother (BhaskarDev) he just graduated with his Bachelor’s degree from GITAM University, Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh in June 2012 and currently working for Tata Consultancy Services at Bangalore. We are just like friends and it’s more than parent and child relationship.
Advice to professionals
Be confident, keep updating with latest technological trends in your area and with latest resources. Try to learn as much as possible and if you are not comfortable in doing current job search for other options there are so many options other than Information Technology or Technology, it is not only a place where you can get job. Because we don’t have a capability to go back again in to our lives so don’t waste it.
Advice to college students
My advice is first try to know what you want to do in your life, where you want to end up, where you wish to see yourself and I know its not as easy as someone may ask you these questions, sometimes it may take years, but that’s fine if you find an answer for those questions. Strive hard with all your effort to reach your goals. Be as you are don’t change for anyone. One thing, before you are going to do something in your life just think twice, thrice or how many times you want, once after you get confidence and clarity on what you are going to do is right then just do it don’t listen to anyone. Try to dream as much as possible about your life in a positive way and try to achieve those. Maintain hope and spirit at everywhere and every time. In your journey you may find so many obstacles try to bear those if you really want to reach your destination. As Dr.RandyPaush (late) said in his “Last Lecture” at Carnegie Mellon University “Brick walls are there for a reason: they let us prove how badly we want things”.
Never consider money as your satisfaction, try to keep something which you can’t buy with money.
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