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Sajal Moitra
Sajal Moitra

Sajal Moitra


Raymond Ltd

Couple of years from now
I believe that I have been lucky to have had the opportunity to education that has helped me become what I am today.
I honestly feel for those children, who have been denied this opportunity.I would like to devote myself to giving back to the society a bit of what I have gained.
I very clearly see myself as a teacher, imparting knowledge to the underprivileged children. For knowledge is the power that is going to open the world to them.
at present I am looking for a suitable NGO through which I can fulfill my dream.
Influenced by
As I have said earlier, for me, the value of life is at a different dimension. So, there have been varied influence that different people have had.
At the level of understanding and appreciating I would name Dr Mandela, I think the world lost a true human being. The others are Swami Vivekanada and Mother Teressa. Dr Mandela for his courage and conviction. Swami Vivekanada for his knowledge and teachings and Mother Teressa for her devotion and selflessness.
However, I was not fortunate enough to work with these people, so have had to base my learning from books and interviews.
On a more practical platform, I have been greatly influenced by my grandfather, who started as a simple Chemical Engineer and went on to become the GM of a big garment factory during the British Rule.
All these people have been self made, they have added value to their lives through belief, dedication and persistent hard work.
Initiative to develop a country
A country is made up of its people. Professionalism ensure correct, efficient and systematic completion of tasks. As professionals, its our duty to ensure that every task is performed with dedication and truthfulness.
In India, the problem lies with professionalism at the lower levels of work.
Somehow, our literacy system is only producing degrees, their is a lack of clarity and a broader vision of our country.
We need to change this into robust, all pervasive and inclusive education system. So, the first professionals need to be the teachers.
Thats what will produced professionals at all levels and make India progress.
Degree that I recommend
I have already achieved enough. Now is the time for me to think about degrees and certificates from my within. thats all.
Brief description about me
I come from a defence background and joined the Indian Air Force as a fighter pilot in 1981 after graduating fromthe National Defence Academy in Pune.
Having served for 26 yers I took voluntary retirement in 2007 and completed my Commercial Pilots License and Airline Pilots License. At present I am working as an executive pilot for a business house and fly their business aircraft.
I married in 1988 and have one daughter who has just graduated.

I have had the privilege of serving in all parts of India.Meeting different people of varied cultural and social dimensions. this has made me understand the true nature of our diverse nation.

I value life at a much higher level than living through it. My motto in life is "Never say Die" and i have taken my failures as motivations to try harder.

I believe that i can make a difference to the society as I have the knowledge and experience. I would like to devote my life to sharing that experience with the next generation.
My role model
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, our Ex President.
A scientist par excellence. If we have launched the mars explorer, its thanks to his initiative in space. A teacher. Rose to become one of the finest Presidents that our country has seen.
And after all that, he quietly went back to teaching. Has always added value to the life of everyone who ever came in contact with him. A true human being and Indian.
My family background
My father was an officer in the Indian Army. He fought two wars and got injured in one. finally retired in 1977 and breathed his last in 2003.
My mother has been a home maker. She lives alone in the place where she spent so many years with my father after he retired.
I have an elder brother who is a bank officer. My sister in law is a home maker too.
My wife is a pure homemaker and, as i said earlier, my daughter has just completed her graduation.
My strongest skill
A Commercial Pilot needs a foray of skills and attributes. to begin with he has to have the basic skills to fly an aircraft understand the dynamics of flight and ensure skillful inputs for a safe flight. Apart from this he has to be knowledgeable about the latest develppements in aviation and systems.
A flight requires thorough planning for fuel, routs, efficiency, weather, safety etc etc. However, more often than not, there are so many variables that one has to encounter that a quick SWOT analysis followed by the required corrective measure is an essential part of Commercial flying.
A Captain needs to be very good resource manager as the resources available are limited and cannot be replenished once the aircraft is airborne.
Man management is a essential part to ensure proper co-ordination of each crew member so that all the systems work in synergy to ensure a smooth flight.
Above all, a Captain needs to be constantly aware of the situation at hand and take timely correct action.
Important lesson learned
The last 54 years has been a learning curve. Having served in both the defence and civil and having interacted with people from all strata of the society and from all parts of the world there are certain basic principles that I believe in, and follow.
firstly, I believe that heaven or hell exists here.Its how we live our lives that makes this a heaven or hell.
The value of life does not depend upon the wealth that we have amassed rather it depends on the knowledge and type of life that we live.

Secondly, however big we may grow, we should never forget the grass beneath us, for we have to stand there.

There is no substitute to hard work and failures should make us work harder and not give up.

We must learn to live in a shared space, a shared life , a shared value system. So, we need to respect each person, whatever the status. They also form a part of our lives.

Last but not the least, attach logic to life. Social values should not be accepted just because they seem to exist.
Thoughts on Education system of our country
Firstly, we dont have an education system in India. Its a literacy system that, at the most, helps kids to get degrees. For there is a big gap between knowing and applying. thats what is lacking.
For example, we all read about the Mahatma, but who teaches us how to apply his principles in life?

The de-centralisation has made it worse. Each board has a different syllabus and each state only caters to the mental growth in terms of that region. kids from state boards are cocooned to their own regions and different mediums of instructions, does not help either.
My suggestion,
a) Education should be centralised with the same syllabus all over India.
b) Medium of instruction should be English. Hindi and the Mother Tounge should be taught as languages.
c) Teachers need to to professionals and well paid.So that the quality of teaching is good.
d) The syllabus to be more applicability oriented rather than harping on past glories.
e) The education system should produce good Indian Citizens
My achievements
Having come from a middle class family, I have made myself what I am today. Its my hard work and dedication that have resulted in this.
Above all , I am proud of myself as a human being. I respect every other human being and have learned to value life on its qualiity and not quantity.
Ill be happier if I can give something back to the world. Like Dr Mandella said.. 'when I am not there .. people should look at my grave and say "here lies a person who did his duty to his country and his people"
Qualities needed to become a successful leader
Firstly, I believe that a leader is made and not borne. Popularity does not lead to good leadership.
A leader needs to understand and believe in his own convictions. Actually practice what is being preached.
A leader needs to have a broader perspective and take actions that are logical and not necessarily popular.
A leader needs to first understand the basic values of life and imbibe those amongst the people.
A leader must be truthful even to the extent of accepting mistakes and encouraging acceptance of the lessons learned.
A leader should lead from behind, so that he can see where his or her leadership is leading the people.
A leader must rise from within the people and not slide in to a seat of power. A leader should be a product of the mill.
More about myself
I wish to be a part of the future building. even with my present engagement, I would like to help young people in their education and better understanding of the world.
Ensuring success
I take lessons from life everyday.. and try and correct them..
Important decision
I decided to be true to myself and my profession. to be dedicated and keep working hard in the face of many adversaries and failures.
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