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Rojalin Sahoo
Rojalin Sahoo

Rojalin Sahoo



Favorite Books and Articles
The last article I read was "World's largest training center opens in India" form "" one of my favorite site in News. They started 5 training center in India. I thought If there is no vacancy in any reputed organization then what is the need of this training center. Now I am in Bangalore, as I am searching for job I saw many Technology students having good knowledge in technical suffer to find a job to become independent.In that article they mention"The firm offers over 100 IT courses and is the authorised training partner of Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, VMware, Novell, Adobe, EMC, Citrix, Linux Professional Institute, among others." , is this have any value for the student , yes it can be effective for the employers, but for student?? If they thought about setting down the technical students who ever defeat for their career rather than make the education business more valuable; be better for them ,for the students and as well as for the country.
My uniqueness
I am a fun loving girl. My strength are hard work, believe in myself and lastly positiveness. Always I thought that why sadness is there in this world . If all are live their life happily then what's the problem. Every morning I pray to god please make this world free from sadness then I thought this should be our responsibility to make others happy. e.g. Employer should make their client happy, a person should make another person to be happy etc. I thought this is a Unique and funniest think about me.
Most influenced factor
My role model; my father. His personality, hard work , dedication towards a work. He support me in all my steps towards my career. He always say that there is no difference in boys and girls. Now where I am and in Future where will be , is because of my father. He is a Business man. I got little bit sharpness as gift from my father. In every moment of sadness and weak time he is with me and he guide a lot to me. All said there a hand behind their success , I said thats my father for me. Thank You papa for your support.
Challenges facing by students
Students life start from 5 years to 22 years or so on. In every stage student face their biggest challenges means there is different challenge for different stage. Like in starting stage the biggest challenge for a student is memorise all their studied things. In intermediate stage the biggest challenge for a students is to get best mark from other(Be best). In last stage the biggest challenge is to build their career in such a manner that everybody should talk about you and appreciate your parents work and their dedication. I thought that last stage challenge is the biggest challenge for the students.
Time Management
When I schedule my time , I calculate my works priority depending upon the work's urgency and the impact of that work. If the work have more urgency then thats become highest priority in my schedule. If the impact is more that the urgency then that become prior to other.
First Job Expectation
1. Job profile
2. organization background
3. Growth of my knowledge
As my point of view If this three are ok then the job is best for me. Because if these are all well then a person can grow and can touch the sky as soon as possible if he/she is dedicate towards his/her work. If he/she complete the work as best as he/she can do.
About Myself
I am Rojalin sahoo. I am basically from temple city; Bhubaneswar,Orissa.
Now I am in Bangalore to follow my dreams.
I have completed my B.TECH from Biju Patnaik University Of Technology in 2012 batch with Information Technology as specialization.
I have completed my intermediate from Council of secondary education in 2008 batch.
I have completed my SSC from Board of Higher Secondary Education in 2006 batch.
My technical skills are Java,C,C++(as language); Html,css(Design skills);oracle(as Database).
Coming to my Family background; My father Mr. Bijay Kumar Sahoo is a businessman. My mother Mrs. Parbati Sahoo is a housemade. And last but not the least my sweet sister Miss. Dojalin Sahoo is working as a Customer support under Mphasis, an HP company.
Regarding my strength; Hard work, Believe in myself, positiveness are my strength. My weakness is I can start a work without completing the other one.My hobbies are playing indoor games, listening to music.My role modle is my father.
Favorite subject
Math is my strongest and favorite subject. Because by doing math I can exercise my mind . It can increase my logical thinking and also memory,
which will help me to do the programs in best logical manner. It will help me to remember the things and every moment of my life.
Career Expectations
Technology wise many things can change.The method of study and the patterns may change in few years.It is better that our new generation become more knowledgeble and good in their study, ultimetly our country will grow.
Family Background
My father Mr. Bijay Kumar Sahoo is a Businessman. My mother Mrs.Parbati Sahoo is a housemade.My one and only lovely sister Miss.Dojalin Sahoo is working as a Cusotmer support under Mphasis,an HP company. My mother also help my father in their business. All of us live our life with enjoyment and we love each other. more importantly we help each other in every moment of our sad and happy.
View s for better India
They have to work more dedicatedly to make their career more and more secure, ultimately nation can grow.They have to help other to go forward rather to push him back.
Spare time activities
The most enjoyable activities that I do in my spare time is playing indoor games mostly ludo. If I am sad then I love to spend my time with my friends.
Additional information
Please help other to make others happy and as well as to make the world sadness free.
Please update technology to do best in your life. Please live your every moment of life happily, because who know what will be the next moment.
Most flourishing college experience
When I got my first college topper award in front of my all college mate.I feel very happy when I got this. I thought that I take more one step best towards my career.
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