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Rohan Anil Bhatt
Rohan Anil Bhatt

Rohan Anil Bhatt

Managing Member

SQuare Consulting and Management Services

Growth Strategy:
SQuare Consulting’s Core Competencies have been constantly to help businesses in a better way and the SQuareTheory: Problems Meet Solutions, Understanding the needs of the clients is a major concern for us and it’s a simple methodology that we go with. The core competency here thus is in understanding what a client really wants and analyzing it with what the client really needs. In short, we can define it in the following major core competencies:
Effective Business Analysis, Facilities & Operations Building, Marketing & Communication, Project Planning and Benchmarking
The Decisions That Matter
The Biggest and the most important career decision made by me has been the inception of my own Consulting Business with SQuare Consulting after taking that leap of faith and quitting the ongoing job without actually thinking of the uncertainties of having to struggle with a start-up.
Required Reading:
Always read to get inspired but don't read to replicate!

Some of the must reads are Goals by Brian Tracy and The Leader without a Title by Robin Sharma...
Changes In The Professional Environment:
A time frame can never define the course of the strategy of a business but certain things are generic to certain conditions of the market. When the market was very good (i.e 2008/09), I was busy working for other organizations which frankly focused on getting the money out of the clients at one go rather then to build lasting associations. When the market dynamics affected the business of SQuare Consulting, we just emphasized on truly understanding the problem from a wider spectrum and a better view to enable us in a differed approach. This got us to a solution for defining the core competencies of SQuare Consulting for starters.
Career Profile:
Primarily, the biggest change is that now I am responsible totally and completely for the actions that I take and the decisions I make but now I am doing it for a company whose decisions and interests lie with me and me only and not to any of my employers.
Prized Accomplishment(s):
When it comes to the application of your thoughts and theories, the only way to command respect is to demonstrate the ease and effectiveness combined with the efficiency of a system. People do not doubt the use of cellular phones or its functions as they know the advantages to it. The same works for me. Whether it is my team, my client’s team or anybody else who is involved during a project with SQuare Consulting. The only testimony to the success of a system is its success on the practical scale. People are free to give their own inputs to the same and definitively a learning system is the best type of a system.
Family Background
My grandfather was a political patriarch in North Gujarat and was also the Education Minister in the State Government in the mid 1960's. After his early demise my father took up the responsibilities of the family at an early age and started working away from his home. His hard work and honest approach to work was my first inspiration in life, after he faced some troubles with his own business, he started working as an insurance adviser which was later carried on by me early in my age. My mother is a full time housewife and my brother who is younger to me is in active social service and politics.
Role Model:
My father is my inspiration as he has always taught me what not to do by letting me make my own mistakes. His approach to life gave me the understanding of the ways of the world without being too clumsy or complaining about anything. Struggle is not a permanent stage, giving up is not an option and honestly has no substitute are the words of wisdom given to me by my father which stay with me at all times.
Degrees That Matter:
Honestly, the only qualification to become a successful consultant is to be passionate for business and most importantly, experience is the key to success but yes, a management degree will definitely be an added advantage.
Done Differently:
Honestly, I would have started earlier...
Working Life Management:
Its really simple! Working is a part of my life and life is what the work leads to, not mixing it is the important part of the equation. I also try and follow the motto, "Work Hard, Party HARDER! But Work First!"
The Journey So Far:
Presently, I run my own management consulting firm by the name of SQuare Consulting and Management Services based in Surat, GUJARAT. I started my career as an insurance adviser when I was in college and then while pursuing my education; I tried my hands at different jobs. The affinity for business and people skills lead one thing to another and I ended up starting my own consulting and management advisory business.
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